Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-17-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-17-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions6-17-2020 Intel Guru Delta …we know something is up. The value has to change. It’s no secret anymore. Of course we don’t know the exact date but it looks like we’re on the verge of seeing something happen…all good news in Iraq. We’re just waiting for them to flip the switch..

6-17-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “AFTER COMING UNDER HEAVY CRITICISM … THE CENTRAL BANK STOPS THE CURRENCY AUCTION” …this article does NOT say the currency auctions were stopped. Again a translation issue from Arabic to English. It only makes reference that CBI governor has “UNJUSTIFIED INSISTENCE TO PROCEED WITH THE FOREIGN CURRENCY AUCTION WINDOW DESPITE ALL THE LOSSES AND RISKS INCURRED BY THE ECONOMY IRAQI.”. …If you go to the CBI site you will witness first hand that the auctions DID NOT in fact end. So this too is more proof. …This means the CBI was incompetent in the administration of the auctions. This should be the CBI’s responsibility and NOT finance committee…Now there is talk today too about wanting to bringing back Mr. Sinan al-Shabibi to the CBI… Article: “MR. AL-KAZEMI: RESTORING CONSIDERATION TO MR. SINAN AL-SHABIBI TO HEAD CBI”. This is of course, fantastic news, even to talk about it nonetheless do it. Let’s see…if al-Kazemi is really going to do it as he has the power…Will this happen?

6-17-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] I am told that Vietnam is planning a street release of .47 to .50 cents…with a contract rate of around $2. They are sitting on a whole lot of oil reserves and precious minerals..

6-17-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy …there’s a lot happening still now but what it all comes down to is this – taking the steps necessary to rebuild Iraq. Make sure they’re an independent sovereign nation all over again with an internationally recognized currency that is traded on the Forex..

6-16-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 …The Central Bank of Iraq is going through the process of the monetary reform for the currency and they made it very clear there isn’t anymore hiding – Anymore innuendos – Anymore hoping to see the evidence …they are talking about the new small category notes – A change in their exchange rate – A rate of 1 to 1. Yeah, a lot of things. Today, it turns out the trickling of the information that’s going down to the citizens is continuing..

6-16-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 The central bank of Iraq is talking to the citizens and explaining what they’re doing with the GOI (the government of Iraq)…a new plan is being prepared and will be presented to the government…”we’ve got a new exchange rate and a new currency”, says the CBI, “and we’re going to throw that fast ball to you GOI because you need it for the budget to run the country.”

6-16-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] […who would say they received funds if they signed a NDA?] I have heard specifically that on the NDA’s you can still say you have exchanged…but you will not be able to talk about any specifics like how much etc…

6-16-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …the CBI has told me many times already in the past that; when they get serious and ready to delete the zeros, roll out the lower denominations which will lead to the reinstatement, they will let the citizens know and educate them. So far, they have kept their promise and each time they got close they began the education process…the CBI and/or Finance Committee is way overdue for a public news announcement (if even just a brief update) on this subject matter. I think we may see things kick into high gear once the budget comes out and they begin the reforms. We will probably get an update at this point in time..

6-16-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy …there’s a lot of things happening in Iraq and it’s happening all at one time. I know what you’re saying, ‘When? When? When?’ We don’t know but it looks like it’s definitely gonna happen this year for sure…

6-16-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Regarding all the rumors and intel on the Dinar boards…i am not seeing that same movement …Until someone I know actually has spendable dollars…imo…it hasn’t gone yet. I am not hearing from any of my contacts that is was “today” though. Yes Isaac has big expectations of a release today…but based on what I hear from Zurich…he may be waiting another day or so. I do have some great African contacts…from Ethiopia and Somalia…and they are all talking about the impending “reset”. That news is being talked about openly and on the streets over there. In Zimbabwe they are openly talking about it and it’s a common conversation in Iraq, Indonesia, Vietnam and India…Many countries worldwide are talking about a reset.

6-16-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat So, today’s news is all about the currency auctions and the finance ministry under the minister Ali Allawi wanting to implement a package of financial and banking reforms. Still Iraq has not secured the $5 billion needed to pay the June salaries…It does seem something BIG is being lined up for the end of June as many issues seem to merge towards that time period. This may just be a matter of when Iraq finally meets its demise. But still we have not yet heard OPENLY in the news from the CBI or the Finance ministry on the “project to delete the zeros”…I do know for a FACT that Iraq is looking seriously for a new [CBI] governor that al-Kazemi will appoint…So we wait to see who he selects. …Meantime the auctions have been taken out of the direct supervision of the CBI and are now supervised by the Finance Ministry. This is…FACT!

6-16-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy …I’m going to be attending all 3 days [of the IF-EXPO]…I’m going to share the information with you. I highly anticipate the discussion of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in these meetings. I can’t imagine any way around it. That’s one of the biggest topics that would be discussed in regards to their budget, their future and purchasing power they’re gonna need to be on the international scene. Also what they need to talk about is their sovereignty which is really big. These are the things I’ll be looking for and there should be a lot of great information coming out of this meeting so it looks like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I’m gonna…go ahead and watch these bad boys and report to you as it’s going on.