Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-5-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-5-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-5-2020 Intel Guru Delta “Parliament announces that the voting session for the ministerial program and the government cabinet will be held next Wednesday evening”

5-5-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Iraq it’s going to set aside Wednesday as the day for Parliament to vote on the new prime minister and his cabinet. We will have to wait and see if it’s confirmed.

5-5-2020 Intel Guru Footforward …its my opinion it [dong] will go up in value…

5-5-2020 Intel Guru RayRen98 From our citizen contact…USA sends important message to the Parliament of Iraq via USA ambassador to Iraq saying do not fail to form the government of Kazemi. If failure happens, USA will do whatever it needs to protect and take care of the Iraqi people.

5-4-2020 Intel Guru Delta Article: “The Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank stress the need to expedite the framing of immediate solutions to remedy the financial situation” …THEY ARE READY TO START…IMO.

5-4-2020 Intel Guru Footforward …in my opinion, dong between 5 and 50 cents, dinar between 3 and 6 dollars…It would be a miracle of the dong was above 50 cents…I never said it would be this week…I don’t know exact time yet.

5-4-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] [Mark now with the States opening up this would be a good time to RV and get the economy going!] I agree… [Trump had said there are Trillions in private money waiting in the wings to help with infrastructure…] that would be us…

5-4-2020 Newshound Guru ChrisC [I saw something on forex graph graff a few days ago. It was showing VND .37 – .38…I don’t know if that means anything. This same graph was showing IQD over 2.00] This IS interesting since that is almost exactly what we used to talk about the rate being after a RV. There would always be a bounce from that price to somewhere in the threes, of course we always want the threes but I would be happy with .37 at this point.

5-4-2020 Intel Guru Footforward […You mentioned it would be advantageous for the VND to go 1st, do you think it will and will the IQD follow within a day or two? IYO] …if the dinar and dong go separately I think they would be separated for a week or two. The dong has like a 20% chance of going first or separately. That would only be if Iraq isn’t ready and Trump needs something immediately.

5-4-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “The Website Of The Iraq Stock Exchange Has Stopped Working” I would like to mention the timing of the ISX being down since Thursday is very interesting. We know now that the CBIESD site shows the ISX Indice to have been adjusted from Blue to Black ink in respect to the Index value. The value increased by over 1000%. That fact is in stone imo. …It wasn’t a glitch! if it was and they made changes today to other key items, then why not fix an “error” to such an important component of the sites structure in reporting? They would have by now imo fixed any error.

5-4-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Why is this so interesting for them to be down at this stage? Well the value of the exchange with using the data from the CBI site suggests a very large move is expected to the live ISX actual values for share pricing…They say it is down for technical requirements… Well value adjustments of such large size would warrant technical assistance…There are no coincidences at this stage of the game. REER…(real effective exchange rate)…IS COMING!! Imo. Let’s see what the CBI has to say next!!