A female representative calls for the nomination of a feminist figure to head the new government

A female representative calls for the nomination of a feminist figure to head the new government

8/3/2020 14:24

A female representative calls for the nomination of a feminist figure to head the new government[Baghdad-Where]
Representative Yousraa Rajab, a member of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, asked the political blocs to choose and nominate a female figure for the position of the new prime minister, stressing that this would be an important step towards changing reality and norms that have dominated the political scene in the country since 2003 until today.
She added in a press statement, “This matter will give a strong message to the local and international community that the political blocs are seriously changing programs, ideas and attitudes in the interest of the Iraqi people.”

She said that “on the International Women’s Day and in light of the reality and conditions that the country is going through, I ask the political blocs to choose a feminist figure who will certainly be non-dialectical and has never held an executive position during the past years and will have wide acceptance in the Iraqi and political street.”

She cautioned that “her request and demand for it is not a matter of racism, but rather is a legitimate right for women and an effective and successful proposal to overcome the obstacle of forming the new government, which has been long overdue in the absence of the state budget and serious crises, the absence of employment opportunities, poor services, and high indicators of poverty and unemployment that pushed the people To come out in demonstrations and sit-ins that have been going on for more than three months, as well as the spread of Corona virus and the importance of controlling it urgently. ”

She stressed that “the nomination of a feminist figure who possesses qualifications and competence and everyone stands behind it will be an important reason in overcoming the current sensitive and dangerous situations in the history of Iraq.”

She pointed out that “women, by their composition and composition, are not the same as two who are more keen, insistent, dedicated and willing to achieve success in matters of life and business management, and therefore there is no doubt that they will succeed greatly in managing the government and moving the country towards a beach of safety and success.”

She noted that “women in the new Iraq were supposed to have better political and social rights than what they had in the time of the old regime and the new constitution, but we did not notice substantial progress in that area, and because of the bitter reality in which women live, their suicides increased in various Throughout the country, including the Kurdistan Region, although the women there took a more role in which women witnessed a broader role compared to the federal government, but unfortunately they did not take these roles as essentially as they are formal.

Rajab also called on “the parliament to issue decisions and legislations that enhance and activate the role of women in decision-making and obligate ministries and bodies to grant women rights guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution and law, and from it the right to a job and a decent life worthy of the reputation of Iraq, its wealth and civilization.”

She expressed “hope that the political and parliamentary blocs take their demand into consideration for this being a legal and constitutional requirement.”

She concluded her statement by saying, “The Iraqi people have tried men in governance and the state for decades, but the political scene has been complicated every time without achieving economic development and political and security stability. The time has come for men to make room for women to manage the next new government, whose age will be limited to a short period in preparation for early elections.” “.