Security expert: Washington seeks to form a “emergency government” that will radically change Iraq

Security expert: Washington seeks to form a “emergency government” that will radically change Iraq

12/22/2019 15:53 2915

Security expert - Washington seeks to form a emergency government that will radically change IraqBaghdad today – special

The security expert, Ahmed Al-Sharifi, revealed on Sunday (December 22, 2019), the presence of American moves to form an emergency government in Iraq, pointing out that the country is about to witness fundamental changes.

Al-Sharifi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “Iraq is still under international guardianship under international law, which keeps the project and the political path in Iraq under the eyes of the United States of America.”

He added that “Iraq has reached the stage of political stubbornness, as the government has failed to perform its tasks and programs since the beginning of the formation of the current government and until now,” indicating that “Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation from his post and the failure to find a substitute by President Barham Saleh and the parliament, and with continued demonstrations in Baghdad and some provinces, it became necessary to go to the option of the emergency government. ”

Al-Sharifi explained that “the withdrawal of American forces from Syria towards Iraq, the intensification of the technical effort in Erbil, and the presence of the ground forces in three bases, namely Ein Al-Assad, Habbaniyah and Qayyarah, indicates that Washington is heading to take Iraq as a vital field and consider it part of its national security, after strengthening its presence in the country “.

The security expert pointed out that “the United States seeks to make Iraq a strategic ally by forming an emergency government close to Washington in order to find fundamental change in the country.”