Expert: Establish a National Distributor between Iraqi banks will accelerate its work

According to an expert in banking as beautiful that the establishment of a system divided the national inter-Iraqi banks will reduce the red tape and helps to complete banking transactions as soon as possible.   Jameel said in a press statement yesterday «The banking system in Iraq is behind the development of technological talk in the banking field as it is still working systems, traditional old and he needs to introduce systems of modern electronic to facilitate the transactions customers banking ». and added a beautiful« the system of divided national, which links all banks Iraqi communications network one will facilitate a lot of things the banking and will eliminate the red tape tired in the review of banks and will be completed transactions as soon as possible,   He pointed out that the process of converting instruments to deposits of financial take a long time maybe a week while the divided national Sechtzelh two hours or three ». referring to» that divided the national system is an electronic modern and new to the work of Iraqi banks setting calls to educational programs and awareness, both for those working in banks or customers of in order to learn how to use this technology in completing banking transactions, calling for contracting with companies sober for the success of the project ».   has announced the CBI for initiating the establishment of new electronic system called« divider National »or banks, telephone, where the linking of all banks Iraqi government and private network unified communications managed by a specialized international company to facilitate banking operations in Iraq.