Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-15-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-15-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions6-15-2019 Newshound Guru Breitling …Obviously there’s a lot of drama going on in the Gulf of Amman. People are concerned…How is this going to effect our investment…? The timing of the Iraqi dinar? The economy in general? …if the Price Per Barrel goes up then Iraq is not going to be as motivated to add value to their currency. But the price keeps going down because of the United States. They [Iraq] are going to be forced to [add value to the currency]…Let’s say the value of oil goes up…Iraq knows it’s not going to be able to do that forever. So no matter what they are going to change the value of their currency. They have to…If you look at the value of their currency it doesn’t match with the oil markets.

6-15-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Any truth to Iraq showing a rate of $1.20 now?] I have read that and heard that may be true in-country. I do not believe that is what we will be getting by any means…but, Follow the news in Iraq and you will see there is plenty to be excited about and show we are right on top of it.

6-15 -2019 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan …Let’s say you want to donate some dinar to a charitable organization. When you acquired the dinar doesn’t matter to the IRS. They don’t care. Because when you give the dinar to your 501-c3 charity and they go to exchange it the only thing that’s going to matter is the value of the exchange and what you report on your schedule A. They don’t care when you got it… [Note: speak to your tax and financial professional at the appropriate time.]

6-14-20219 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat The other BIG news from Iraq is all about finally Mahdi being forced to submit some candidates for his unfilled cabinet positions. We know two of these positions are critical to the reconstruction efforts and may even be a sever damper on being able to obtain funding from investors for the reconstruction efforts. So some of the candidate names have already been forwarded to parliament and let’s see what they do with them. Mahdi still has until the end of June to fill these positions or be subject to a “No Confidence” vote. These next couple weeks are going to be interesting.

6-14-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Well, we did it! We weathered another Ramadan, and Eid al fitr. I am going to state the obvious: Despite no RV announcement during the Big Holiday, this was a more eventful one than normal. All positive, too! …Historically, many of the bigger milestones have happened around this time of year. Chapter 7 was lifted in late June, for example. A few others have also occurred right around now as well…I have reason to believe we are entering a unique week for the Iraqi dinar…

6-14-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ The news overnight has been very positive…very positive…My folks in redemption sites are being told to report for work bright and early Monday morning for a very busy week. From the treasury side of it- they believe the reset is on Sunday and it’s a “hard date” …the real thing…the “go” date…we will see… …I feel that late afternoon, early Sunday evening we may all finally cross the finish line… Folks in Reno are thinking Sunday for 800 numbers. And I am pretty excited about this weekend…especially Sunday. [Sunday is Fathers Day!] What a great day that will be if everything happens as we are expecting.