New and shocking facts reveal a government collusion with the $ 1.8 billion smuggling file

New and shocking facts reveal a government collusion with the $ 1.8 billion smuggling file

2019/05/02 14:51

New and shocking facts reveal a government collusion with the 1.8 billion smuggling fileBaghdad today – special

(Baghdad today) in a seventh episode published documents exposing those involved in the largest money laundering and smuggling on the date of Iraq, which colluded a large government bank (MR) with the bank Ahli (m), and ended the smuggling of funds worth 1.8 billion dollars, through Auction sale of foreign currency, which is evaluated by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Baghdad is now publishing three new documents, including letters from the central bank to a government agency that declined to respond and raised doubts about its involvement as a new party complicity in the smuggling of this huge sum.

The government bank provided the Ahli Bank with a financial cover and deposits from persons and unknown destinations whose names did not appear or for the purpose of depositing the funds, paving the way for the participation of the National Bank In the currency auction and transfer of funds to an intermediary bank in an Arab country. The Anti-Money Laundering Department of the Central Bank was unable to identify the final recipients or the purpose for which the transfers were made.

The Money Laundering Committee has doubts about the involvement of an official body in the process

As a result, the officials of the Central Bank of Iraq’s Money Laundering Department raised doubts about the participation of the bank in the bank auction, especially with no explicit names of the persons who paid the bank’s money to participate in the Central Bank auction. Ahli Bank and the Government Bank, which cooperated with him on the nature of remittances which amounted to 1.8 billion dollars during the four months began in 2014 and ended in June 2014.

After the suspicions of a money laundering operation were strengthened, the money laundering department of the Central Bank moved to address the General Tax Authority of the Ministry of Finance to ascertain the identity of the participants in the process of transferring these huge sums.

Baghdad today published in its seventh round 3 official documents containing correspondence sent by the Department of Money Laundering to the Tax Department on different dates starting October 27, 2014 and then returned to the Department to confirm the first book on 9 December 2014, and then a third book on 19 January 2015 demanding the same Which remained without a direct answer, prompting his officials to arrive at the shocking fact that there is already money laundering and that the silence of the Tax Department and reluctance to respond to his books suggests that it may be involved.