Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-31-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-31-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-31-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru RVAlready We are expecting RV within next 2 days. […because the world is expecting it in the next two days, don’t you think they may wait a week or two to announce it?] No…I think Everyone has had enough waiting. [No info on when?] There can be no advance info on when…. We will only know after the fact.

3-31-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “IRAQI CENTRAL BANK POLICIES – TO ENCOURAGE IRAQI INVESTMENTS IN TURKEY” Quote: “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is therefore demanding Iraq to free the exchange rate!” this is a WOW! article. So now we know the IMF wants Iraq to reinstate the dinar and go on a float. This is the only way they can “free the exchange rate”. …So the IMF has approved the CBI to go ahead yet more evidence….

3-30-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana We’re currently in the midst of some significant happenings right now. It’s almost coming too fast to keep on top of things, so let’s just recap the current situation. …EVERYTHING oil related is cruising along at a good clip and in the right direction. …we have touched $60 a couple times this week…the real important part is the manner it is happening. Nice and steady, just how we want it… for now… …I’m expecting to see some solid HCL news, and a potential focus on the HCL, with the RV bubbling just below the surface of the news. …at this time…they will not give us a major heads up on this plan. Our only clues are going to be: Stability in the GOI, which we have.; Solid news on HCL, or an actual passed HCL bill, which is reasonable to expect under the current situation.

3-30-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Very related to HCL is this: Article: “Parliamentary Energy intends to review the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil” In a nutshell, the Kurdish oil production is higher than the anticipated amount… What does this mean to us? IMO, this has great potential. The Kurds have a solid argument, and the Baghdad side now has a LOT of motivation to get busy negotiating a profit sharing agreement. That’s exactly what the HCL is. The Kurds will also be motivated to get this moving, as they probably stand to catch a larger portion of the budget in addition to a better HCL deal. A couple years ago when they were talking about a secession, with the Kurds forming their own country – remember that? I had heard at the time from my experts that there was no real chance of that happening, but they were setting the stage for a stronger position in the big picture. That is EXACTLY what this ties into, and the HCL is what puts a pretty little bow on this whole deal. Pretty exciting stuff!

3-30-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Reportedly, the Speaker of the House was interviewed and stated that personal stubbornness is the cause of the delay of cabinet selections being concluded and that it will “end” when he returns back to the country.

3-30-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ …As far as we know they did not post the rate this am in Iraq…I still expect 800 #s late on Sunday…The ups and downs appear to be coming to an end but this rollercoaster has been nuts…I expect rates to up load on the Forex this evening…probably 11:30 to midnight eastern time which is the best time for them I understand. …dong and dinar will for sure go at the same time…I do not think they will let us double dip in the first basket…I still think they will squeak this in at the end of March…going into 1 April…IMO there is a whole lot of reasons I think this weekend is different from the rest of them World events, Banking news…so much is happening everywhere. I am Still at 99.9%…I am more than a still excited!

3-30-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Reportedly, the IMF is pushing Iraq to raise their exchange rate to attract investors for the reconstruction and reforms efforts including trade with neighboring countries. PM Mahdi is still saying, “By June, it will all be completed.” Time Will Tell…Anything exciting happens…We’ll get the word out.


3-30-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …hold on to your seats and don’t fall off since I am going to give you some great news today. Finally, some more breaking news in the right direction for Iraq… 1. Quote… “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is therefore demanding Iraq to free the exchange rate!” This issue is now becoming imperative since Iraq is having trouble trading with its neighbors… without a real rate. …The IMF is now aggressively pushing the CBI to reinstate the IQD… 2. Quote… “Abadi revealed his decision in May 2018 to arrest former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki” …This DOES NOT say Maliki is already arrested. It is only telling us an intent to arrest him. Abadi has no official capacity to arrest Maliki. Are these both issues exactly what we have all been praying for…?