Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-7-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-7-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-7-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ …I am beyond hopeful for this month and still hopeful we will see something overnight tonight or in the next couple days. [Do we really think the RV is gonna REALLY happen very very soon?] Yes I think its very very close…I wish I could share everything I know …this thing is so fluid.

3-7-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni If you believe monetary policy is based on sound logic and principals then you know the dinar can never arbitrarily revalue. It is my belief the CBI plans to gradually raise the value of the dinar as a tool to counter inflationary pressure created when significant investment comes to Iraq. Iraq will never redemoninate or LOP the currency. Monetary policy in Iraq the past 14 years has been a success not a failure. The next phase will also be a success which is to float the currency. But first Iraq must complete the GOI and pass needed investment laws. Completion of the GOI and the laws will encourage participation in Iraq’s economy thus giving the CBI a reason to begin to float the dinar.

3-6-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ …I am very confident that we are close…I am still expecting 800 #s this week. Based on what I am hearing we are very close…IMO it is imminent and it is moving… I am hearing some reset information was leaked to a very prominent Italian news source…this is a mainstream publication and on the mainstream news so imo there is no way to put the cat back into the bag now…that its leaking at this level is huge news… Look for a lot to move quickly …I have heard that the reset will be on the down-low (kept quiet) for about 10 days to 2 weeks…then the news will come out… I do have a contact over there that has seen the LD’s… has held them …and there has been articles in Iraqi news about the LD’s and how they will be using them…so much news over there on that. [do you think we are waiting for the Iraqi government to be fully seated?] No…As soon as this happens the Iraqi government will be very stable. …I am like you all and am so ready to get off this roller coaster ride…

3-6-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 [via sunny] Yesterday they broadcast on TV stating cabinet selections will be completed by the end of the month. This morning they are broadcasting they will be completed in two weeks. All of us don’t subscribe, to the cabinet has to be completed before the RV.

3-6-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi confirms the need for continued US-Iraqi cooperation to defeat… US President: we will spend $3 billion to develop Ein al-Asad base in Anbar Province, Iraq, to ensure final defeat of terrorism. We have no intentions of leaving Iraq.

3-6-2019 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] …we are in what is considered a slow rollout. Everything really started with the RV and we had several indications of a start, but the true RV, if you will, started March 1st. …Where do we stand with Iraq? …Iraq tonight [Tuesday]…their ATM machines are loaded with lower denominations…5, 10, and 20…not sure if they have a 2 or 3. They got some coins to cover the lower amounts. Their dinar sort of follows on their lower denominations of what our money is here. Those ATMs are to be loaded and in play functioning before the Gazette release comes out tomorrow [Wednesday] morning. The Gazette release will have the new rate of the dinar and will have anything else that is pertinent to what is happening. We got this from a governmental official today, one that you guys would recognize their name. That seems to put some finality to it from Iraq’s perspective.

3-6-2019 Intel Guru Bruce …It appears that there is just a few more things like what is happening with Iraq tonight that need to take place… The strange thing is the rate for the Iraqi dinar has not been visible on the screens. For a few days it has been off. We are not really sure what it will be when it comes in. It should be I think between $6 to $7 when it starts. It will trade up from that. …I believe we are right there. If I told everybody my understanding is that we will be where we need to be which is appointments set, beginning our exchanges within 48 hours. …that is how close I can call it without calling it. …We are super excited. We are waiting to get started.