Economic Committee decision: session Saturday sessions will be to establish economic laws

Baghdad (News) … Confirmed the decision of the Commission/Deputy economic Alliance of Kurdistan/mohama Khalil, the first meeting that will be held next Saturday and very noisy with economic issues “exclusively”.

He said Khalil (News Agency news) on Thursday that members of the Commission will insist on adoption of laws which was read first reading postponed to an unknown logo.

He added: the political crisis “bound” many important laws which had not been implemented and that did not proceed and that includes infrastructure code and law of oil and gas and investment law and consumer protection law and other laws for the protection of Iraqi law product tariffs.

He added: the first laws that infrastructure will be passed after recur read and modify certain paragraphs being important laws which would provide many jobs for Iraqi citizens and build a lot of vital facilities.

The Attorney called Kurdistan Alliance: Government work and activate several laws including the law of customs tariffs and national product protection law and antitrust Protection Act and consumer protection law and investment law No. (13) of the year (2006) being laws complement each other and transform the economy to a market economy and the privatization of the world market and the success of the Iraqi market requirements