Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-1-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-1-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-1-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Would you please…comment on the Kuwaiti dinar being around $4 to 1 dinar as Iraq has been said to want parody [parity?] with Kuwait…so, if …that is true, the bank rate for Kuwaiti dinar is a good indication for us?] Absolutely…they are looking for parity….they are looking for them to be within pennies of each other. 2 Weeks ago we were seeing a rate of about 4:43 and hearing it could climb to the high $6’s and guys anytime I mention a rate- consider it a rumor right now…until we go to the banks and money in our pockets.

3-1-2019 Intel Guru Footforward There has been no RV or RI in Iraq yet. When it goes, it will be world wide. Not just in Iraq.

3-1-2019 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan …And is it really worth cashing in all this dinar and ending up with this huge amount of capital and finding yourself under the gun scope of the IRS. If you have an exorbitant amount of income that show up, I mean a great big chunk, you can justify it, that’s not the problem at all, but I promise you if they audit you and you have not paid your taxes on it they are going to hit you with penalties and interests. And it’s going to be huge. Just be aware. If you take a lot out and your tax returns jump way up high you might set yourself up for an audit. Plan on it. It’s going to happen. THREE: One of the amazing blessing that’s come from 2018 to 2019 taxes is the simple fact that in the past Schedule A which is where you put your itemized deductions and report your charitable contributions had limitations on it.

3-1-2019 Intel Guru Bruce …I believe yesterday for about 3 ½ hours banks had video conference calls where they were going through last minute protocols, last minute information. …Rates are on screens… rates are going to be great. …Everything else is just us getting started. We are down to that point. Everybody has signed off. Everything is ready to proceed…We are poised to get started I believe with our exchanges by this weekend. If we get pushed, I do not know it yet…That is where we are. We are down to the wire.

2-28-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ …a lot happening in the background…I do think we’re soon…Everyone is in place all higher ups ready! We are trying to find out more about the 2:86 rate in Iraq…from my contact in Iraq. There is no bad news..The banks think we will have liquidity soon… I am still looking for the reset at anytime but for sure within the next week or two. There is so much behind the scenes movement that I can’t share… …Feb 25th of last year…even back then they were pushing for it in first quarter of 2019… […is there going to be contract rates Internationally?] I have been told there would be contract rates all over the world….thats how resets or revaluations have worked all throughout history.

2-28-2019 Intel Guru ADMINBILL Breathe…It appears the “moment” is drawing very close. Perhaps what we have waited for is within our grasp.

2-28-2019 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan 2. …tax planning is absolutely critical…if you run out and cash in all this dinar three things are going to happen. ONE: You have to make dang sure when you cash in that dinar that you pay your taxes on it. Don’t let it get away from you. Calculate it. Pay it up front. Pay it quarterly. Pay it monthly. When you go get money out of the bank, pay taxes. Just do it. That way you don’t have to worry about it. TWO: Realize if you pull a lot more money and show on your tax return than what you ordinarily would have, you have lined yourself up for an audit. Part of the tax planning is…where do you draw the line? How much do you really need? What tax bracket do you want to live in?