Oil file is attempt to divert attention away from Maliki withdrawal of confidence, says Kurdish coalition

Oil file is attempt to divert attention away from Maliki withdrawal of confidence, says Kurdish coalition    ERBIL, June 21 (AKnews) – Raising the issue of oil contracts at this particular time shows the attempt of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s party to divert attention from the main issue which is questioning the PM, said an MP from the Kurdish Blocs Coalition (KBC).   Farhad al-Atrushi said in a statement: “We will continue our efforts to withdraw confidence from the government because it is a democratic and constitutional right and a peaceful mechanism to transfer the power peacefully.   “Wasn’t the Prime Minister himself and those who were with him silent for years on these contracts and said that they are consistent with the general framework of the constitution and received the oil funds for years? The question is: How do you accept unconstitutional and illegal money and use it in the state budget?   “This is more proof that Nouri al-Maliki is ready to do everything in order to stay in power even if that was at the expense of Iraqi blood and creating war because he wants this.”   Atrushi continued: “The other issue is dangerous, the continued meetings of the head the Council of Ministers with the officers and the military leadership and commanders of regiments and brigades and team leaders and his attempt to involve them in politics and the political differences are of the most serious issues and will affect the emerging democracy in Iraq and will have dangerous consequences on the political process and the country and the Iraqi people.   “[Maliki] spoke with the military leaders about the issue of withdrawal of confidence and interrogation and said that the collection of signatures will not pass ‘without accounting’ and threatened the political blocs and MPs and accused them of being unpatriotic and that they are conspirators because they oppose him.”   The other issue, according to the statement, is “the media issue and the attempt to control the media outlets and journalism in general, using the means of persuasion and intimidation, and disbursement of millions of dollars for intelligence and trying to establish press and media that discredit the opponents and fabricate false news about them. Restricting the press and media freedom is an important basis for democracy in the world, especially emerging democracies”.   Atrushi added: “The other issue is raising the issue of the disputed areas at this time and using small groups in these areas to ignite national and sectarian wars and conflicts in order to stay in power. We will remain committed to the constitution and protection of democracy and the supreme interests of Iraq, but I wonder is this supposed to be the policy of the prime minister and the commander of the armed forces?”   bit.ly/L7s9dY