Syrian pilot turn his plane to Jordan

Syrian pilot turn his plane to Jordan
Babylonian News / Amman

pm 2:30 Thursday, 21/6/2012

Lead the pilot escaped Syrian military aircraft of the MiG-21 flew the aircraft and left Syrian airspace to Jordan.

The Syrian television reported that the pilot, Colonel Hassan Mari Hamada was driving his plane south of the country and then lost contact.
The agency quoted a security source told Reuters that the Jordanian MiG landed at the airport in Mafraq in northern Jordan, the military on the border with Syria.
The Associated Press quoted French government source that Syrian military aircraft made an emergency landing at a military base in northern Saudi Arabia.
The Minister of State for Media Affairs Samih Maaytah said that the pilot asked for asylum.
This is the first incident where the officer split his plane pilot since the beginning of the revolution against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
The first incident to split Syrian officer was the first lieutenant Abdul Razzaq divorce, one of the icons of the revolution in Syria and leading the armed action against the regime in Homs.
Source: albabelyia