Parliament postpones tomorrow’s meeting to Saturday

House of Representatives postponed its scheduled Thursday to Saturday.   The channel quoted the Iraqi semi-official news said that “the House of Representatives postponed its meeting on Saturday to the next until the completion of arrangements for the protection of the Council and its staff.”   It was scheduled to hold a House of Representatives on Thursday its first legislative term of the first third of the legislative year.   The Baghdad Operations Command, has raised the barriers Alkonkurtih from the periphery of the House of Representatives, which led to suspended staff in the House of Representatives announced their shift and sit for the knife two days on Tuesday and Wednesday in protest against the lifting of concrete barriers.   As described for the security and defense committee on parliamentary and San Vice Chairman of the Committee Alexander and berries lift concrete barriers in front of the parliament building as “the wrong procedure.” Is due to be returned to their places of these barriers to prevent any breach of security targets of the Council and deputies.