They said a half-truth about the U.S. withdrawal

They said a half-truth about the U.S. withdrawal
Walid Al-Zubaidi

19-06-2012 12:54 PM

What has been said about the American withdrawal from Iraq does not represent one million of which has been said and published about what they called B (the victory great American) on the ninth of April, 2003, in the case that the defeat of America in front of the resistance Endowed in Iraq, much larger than the entry U.S. forces the city of Baghdad, because the difference in the balance of military power, economic, media and political difference between U.S. forces and the other international and Iraqi resistance, but the faith of the resistance to their cause and their determination to accomplish the task of the liberation of Iraq, beat American power internationally-backed, Arab and internally, and to convey here some of what been said about the U.S. defeat in Iraq, to the men of the resistance.
President Barack Obama in a speech On (21-10-2011) the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, and I admit that an entire generation of Americans will suffer from the war on Iraq, referring to the psychological impairments minor glitches all the soldiers who served in Iraq, numbering two million Americans, because they experienced the horrors of daily on the impact of violent attacks and daily resistance fighters in Iraq, and the families of these have been affected psychologically they watched the insane, the disabled and the defeated and Almenksrin returning alive from Iraq, and the bodies buried away from the media by order of Bush, the numbers of tens of thousands is not known prepared fact, only the men who sent them lying dead or burned out from the land of Iraq.
the next day to announce Obama’s statement the defeat of Iraq, he said John McCain, it is stated (withdrawal from Iraq setback bad and sad the United States in the world).
on the same day said U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney (withdrawal failure) – In 22/10/2011.
Two days after Obama’s withdrawal, said the British writer Jonathan Steele, America defeated in Iraq (Guardian 23 – 10-2011).
on 24/10/2011, General John Keane, a retired American published an article in The Washington Post said the U.S. where it is stated (withdrawal from the Iraq disaster.)
was a famous British writer Patrick Seale has published a lengthy analysis after the announcement of U.S. President Barack Obama decision to withdraw the title (leave America out of Iraq the end of the offensive), I bring here some of what appeared in it, says Seale did not wish the U.S. military defeat but with all the sense of the word, but is no longer possible to repair the damage to the reputation and standing of the moral and influencing the political, and require re- straighten things a whole generation, he says in another place, the goal of the war on Iraq, the destruction of this country to protect Israel from any possible attack from the east.
In the Wall Street Journal said an expert National Security Council on Foreign Relations Max Booth, that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is a strategic tragic , the Reuters news agency quoted him as saying, that the withdrawal is defeat (Reuters 02/11/2011).
Gen. John Keane, U.S. withdrawal from Iraq by the disaster (Washington Post on 01/11/2011) and in another article the author said on 10/03/2011 Britain’s Jonathan Steele, ended the war in Iraq is a defeat for America.
said U.S. General Bernard Shampoo commander of the Central Region, Iraq remains a dangerous place (11/18/2011).
in this way appeared before the United States intellectuals, writers, analysts and experts of national security, and this reflects the opinion of street, the U.S. and global America defeated in Iraq, and without doubt that the research and study centers and academies of war was held seminars research and discussions of many about the defeat of America from Iraq, but it is recognized that these centers and academies do not publish studies and opinions that arise during the closed sessions, especially when it comes to It defeated the largest force in the world in front of the men of the Iraqi resistance.
In the majority of the studies and writings avoided many of the completion of their analysis in an objective, they talk with bitterness about the withdrawal and defeat, but they did not talk about the force that defeated the United States, as if defeat came from the unknown, all-knowing full well that America defeated the Iraqi resistance and with countries in the world and the Arab states, and served the Iraqi invaders.
Source: ahraraliraq