Was the goal of America’s oil in Iraq?

Was the goal of America’s oil in Iraq?
Walid Al-Zubaidi

18-06-2012 09:54 AM

The hostility between Iraq and the United States at its peak mid-nineties of the last century against the backdrop of Iraq’s entry into Kuwait in August 1990, after which the U.S. claims of the international coalition, which included thirty-three countries, and launched a war against the broad against Iraq in early 1991, and then led the American war, cruel blockade and dangerous against Iraq, but that did not prevent Iraq from exporting the first shipment of oil by oil for food program, which was approved by the United Nations in 1996, Iraq is exporting the amounts of oil in return for importing some of the basic needs of food and medicine, and after the injury of many of the Iraqi people as a result of economic sanctions is not unprecedented, imposed against Iraq, but that did not stop to be the first shipment of Iraqi oil and had it brought ship a giant U.S. companies at the time, I remember that the controversy took place between the Iraqi community, and surprised some export Iraq for its oil to the United States , despite the animosity raging between Baghdad and Washington, and much has been said about the deal, but those who know the economic relations and how the U.S. companies have interpreted it in terms of purely commercial, and oil commodity sold to this side or that, and that it did not stop on a good Iraqi oil alone, there are oil market in the world is open to everyone.
reported this issue to engage in the subject as long as taking a great deal of analysis and debate, to the extent that the general trend when many people go about devoting conviction, saying that the United States had decided to invade Iraq to control its oil, and others said that the goal of the U.S. invasion is (stealing Iraq’s oil), and despite all the facts and events that took place in Iraq, but many still believe this and this Ptkdrina error obscene.
in one of the aspects of political action, which depends distances and projects hidden, we have to raise the issue of marginal, and give them priority in the thinking and concerns of public opinion, and the draft being such as the United States in the region and the world, which began in Iraq, the roads on the issue of oil facilitates Mroralkther of proposals and projects, including that the attribute tyrant in conversations and analysis in recent decades, go towards making convictions when people, devoted ambitions American Bnfot the Arab region, the stone-throwing amid this atmosphere to say that the goal of the United States from invading Iraq to take over its oil thrown a lot of acceptability, because oil is a global commodity, and that the U.S. consumer, large for this lot, and that the reserves of Iraq is the largest in the region after Saudi Saudi Arabia, and many experts talk about the production of another barrel in the world’s oil will be in Iraq.
and because many people do not see the U.S. policy, but the statements issued by the official or the other, the belief is wrong, unfortunately, that the Americans are talking with all the thinking, and that the limits of their policies not to exceed the interests of their companies’ immediate, and that speech the U.S. President about the state of the nation painted details of U.S. policy, while limited in the majority of the processors of the Interior.
When discussing the issue of whether the goal of America’s invasion of Iraq to control its oil, the facts objectivity says, it is not the possibility of America or otherwise, the withdrawal of Iraqi oil under the ground and moved into the United States, it is the technical side of this is impossible, and it does not look like extract hundreds of thousands of tons of gold or precious metals, and that Iraq does not prevent the export of oil to America The best example is what we have mentioned at the beginning of the modern.
of this understanding, we see that the promotion of the idea that the goal of the U.S. invasion of Iraq is the oil, is a malicious attempt to streamline the larger project goals further, and that America is not ashamed of the charge of interest in the oil for use in industries developed and the goods re-exported to the world, including Arab countries, but few are looking at the real objectives of the project the invasion of Iraq aimed at the destruction of Iraq as a whole, and destruction and re-production of socially and educationally, culturally, according to a new vision, with a tendency Consumer, and the dismantling of many of the ties of community and civilization and culture in Iraqi society.
I lost the United States nearly four trillion dollars in the war on Iraq, when they arrived, Iraq’s oil exports during the years of U.S. casualties enormous to nearly seven hundred billion dollars only, and this fact reveal the extent of the disaster experienced by America after the fact in the Iraqi quagmire.
Source: ahraraliraq