Report: Military intervention in the Gulf region will increase the severity of violence

22/02/2012 15:17

Demonstration bahrainBeirut, February 22 (Rn) – Based on the intervention of Saudi Arabia in Bahrain to suppress 
the popular movement across the Peninsula Shield Force, addressed the report of the network of international relations and European security in Zurich, Saudi concern events current Arab, adding that “any escalation in the riots in the Gulf will lead to a military campaign more violent, something that will have far-reaching consequences, and will make the process of democratization in the Middle East is difficult to achieve. ” The report, prepared by Richard Russo that “the Arab revolts current form into many countries of the Gulf threat imminent after their arrival to Yemen and Bahrain, which can lead to a spread in the rest of the Gulf States. ” He pointed out that it is natural that these revolutions source of inspiration to reformers Sunnis and Shiites in Saudi Arabia, adding that this concern (GCC) is justified if we take into account the distribution of wealth in the Gulf states. ” The report said that the protests taking place in the city’s poorest and least developed, and political representation, where protesters are demanding the representation of a real political institutions and reforms to ensure more social and economic welfare. ” The report added that “Saudi Arabia, which represents the central position in the Gulf is dominated by the Wahhabi sect two centuries ago, so they look to increase the influence of Shiite posed by Iran in the region as a source of danger to her. ” and went on to say that “this is a cause of the reasons for interfering in the suppression of any popular movement in the surrounding countries.” The report of the European Institute also that Saudi Arabia is that the Muslim Brotherhood, promote revolutions and sought to stir up trouble in the region. As for Iran, says the report, “Saudi Arabia has increased concern when I decided to recent support of the rebels because they want to win these Shi’ite protesters in their fight against Sunni, to bring influence in the region which will have a victory against the Great Satan United States, which supported the Sunni regimes, particularly in Saudi Arabia. ” in the result, he considered the report that Saudi Arabia “will be included in a major military operation in the event the greater the risk it, especially on the Bahrain. This escalation will have consequences unexpected impact on the geopolitical interests in the Gulf. ” and concluded that “the continuation of immediate intervention of the Peninsula Shield Force will increase the violence to stop later of political and economic development in the Arab world in particular and social imbalances present in advance.” From: Khalil al-Khalil. Open: Abdullah Sabri