Iraqis attack the governor of the Central Bank

Iraqis attack the governor of the Central Bank


Iraqis attack the governor of the Central BankStatements made by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali al-Aalak, made before Parliament in a special session, about the damage of 7 billion Iraqi dinars by the rainwater, which he infiltrated into the basement of the Rafidain government, to a rare material and ridicule on the means of social networking in an attempt of Iraqis to declare that they do not believe this statement and that corruption is responsible for the loss of these huge amounts of public money.

Activists called “Neka_Flosak” (Flock), which offered dozens of pictures and videos of Iraqis soaking their money in the water for several hours, and then mixed with mud without being confused, wondering about the fate of 7 billion Iraqi dinars, And packaged in packages, as is the law of banks in Iraq.

The leader of the Dawa party, Ali al-Alaq, who is one of the closest confidants of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, has been running the Central Bank of Iraq for more than four years.

Iraqi media, citizens and activists have experimented with various kinds of paper currency with water to discredit the central bank governor’s account and have published their experiences on websites.

Saad Al-Halaq, a young threesome, has personally experimented with his photos and published them on his Facebook page in a sharp and sarcastic criticism of the Governor of the Central Bank.

“Today we want to reveal the lie of the family of relations, you were supposed to be ashamed, did you know how many poor families would benefit from the seven billion? Learn or not know, I will show you, Ali, the links,” he said in a video clip posted by bloggers.

“Do you think that the state treasury is not protected by cameras or protection from exposure to fire and rain water?” “The barber did a practical experiment by wetting the paper with water and then removing it from the water as if it did not hurt. Thing.