U.S. Embassy: Opening of the center reflects the extent of cooperation between Iraq and America

U.S. Embassy: Opening of the center reflects the two rivers the extent of cooperation between Iraq and America
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 18:58

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, “The opening of the Center for Strategic Studies rivers reflects the extent of cooperation between the United States and Iraq as part of the strategic framework agreement in order to promote security and stability in Iraq, noting that it had had the honor to support this initiative.

A U.S. embassy statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that “the Republic of Iraq celebrated the launch of the center of Mesopotamia for Strategic Studies, the new has been cutting the ribbon on June 17, 2012 in the city of Baghdad, has the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, in coordination with the Government of Iraq under the auspices of this center according to the terms of the strategic framework. ”

“We have been established within the opening ceremony on June 17 a symposium on the Iraqi security regional three-day visit during which display theses and research scientists and experts, Iraqi and U.S. and other countries,” adding that “the aim of holding this symposium was the definition of relations, strategy and promotion of commitment to partnership and cooperation between Iraq and the United States and regional partners. ”

He continued, “This center, which includes the National Defense University and Iraqi National Defence College and the Military Academy of Iraq and the Institute of Languages ​​of Iraq, will be the task of facilitating regional dialogue, as a basis built upon the foundations of the partnership between Iraq and other countries across the region. Has been the completion of all facilities Center Complex, which amounted to the cost of its creation fifteen million dollars funded by the U.S. Embassy in a period of time amounted to two years, which reflects the extent of Iraq’s commitment towards the development of a curriculum for professional development and strategic studies for senior officials in Iraq. ”

He noted that the “complex center contains rooms for conferences and meetings at a high level of equipment equipped with a closed-circuit television, and buildings for classrooms, and rooms recall the extension of library and lecture hall and a cafeteria.” And that “senior Iraqi leaders will receive their studies in areas such as defense, economies, and civil relations – military, leadership and management, as well as issues related to regional security and strategic resource planning.”

He said “The center also partners will draw academics, at the regional and international levels, in order to facilitate the procedures of scholarship students out of the country in the sessions for the exchange of military expertise in the areas of training and development.”

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad opened the Center for Strategic Studies, Mesopotamia, a part of the University of Defense for Military Studies, which includes the National Defense College and War College. Ended
Source: alforatnews