Maliki refuses Biden’s visit to Iraq

Maliki refuses to Biden’s visit to Iraq

on 06.18.2012   12:54 P.M

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Sources for a parliamentary refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Biden’s visit to Iraq at the present time, noting that al-Maliki considered the Vice President to go to Arbil, the capital of Kurdistan province, served as an implicit message of support to the position of Barzani and Allawi.

The sources said that “the reasons adduced by the U.S. administration regarding the change of the reasons that Maliki is not adopted by the Iraqi political parties, but this difference is not important as long as the aim and one which is to change this man.”

She explained that the administration is satisfied that the departure of the need to al-Maliki on the background of the failure of the international meeting 5 + 1, which was held recently in Baghdad, indicating that Biden was the most prominent opponents of this meeting and on this basis, al-Maliki felt great concern of the U.S. position changed it.
Source: alestiqama