Newspaper: satellites pick up the British and American images of the Syrian troop movements..

Newspaper: satellites pick up the British and American images of the Syrian troop movements and pass them to the leaders of the opposition
Monday, 18 حزيران 2012 13:42 GMT

Alsumaria News / Beirut newspaper “Daily Star’s Sunday” on Sunday, that the satellites British and American taking pictures of the movements of Syrian troops and pass them to the leaders of the Syrian opposition from your external security British (MI6) and the Central Intelligence Agency of America (CIA) as quoted British military source prominent that discussions are underway about setting up a no-fly zone in Syria. The newspaper said that satellite British and American “sniff on the forces of President Bashar al-Assad to save the lives of innocent men, women and children, and pick up the plans and then passing it to the leaders of the opposition through the customers ( MI 6) and (CIA) had infiltrated into Syria. ” and added that the information helped opposition forces to evacuate civilians from hospitals and other goals before coming under attack from government forces, under an act of piracy new was part of a coordinated system at the global level was created to monitor the communist bloc during the Cold War. The newspaper pointed out that the security apparatus, tapping the British known as the “command center for government communications,” and “National Security Agency, U.S.” Atgman the process of piracy on the movement of Syrian forces by satellites developed is able to recognize the leaders and troops from through the contacts. and attributed to the British military source described Balbarz saying, “We know who they are men guilty there will be no escaping them, and we can through the techniques to identify the votes determine the military commanders in the Assad regime who issue orders, which include officers of all ranks order the tanks to open fire, “adding that” Some of them will face the ultimate trial as war criminals. ” revealed Almusdran that “discussions are under way on the establishment of no-fly zone in Syria as the region that have been imposed in Iraq, to stop the attacks.” she said, “the Daily Star’s Sunday,” The spokesman for the British Foreign Office confirmed that “all measures are still on the table, and we will take any option that would stop the bloodshed.” The same newspaper reported in early June he said that defense officials the British and put up secret plans to set up safe havens in Syria, and said, “The units of the British special forces and security agents outside the British (MI 6) spread in Syria and is ready to help the rebels in the event of civil war, namely, equipped with computer and communications operating satellite is able to send pictures and details about the refugees and the forces of the Syrian regime as development of the situation . ” The Syria is witnessing since 15 March 2011 protest movement wide popularity started to raise the demands of reform and democracy and ended claim to drop the system after and were violently bloody unprecedented by Syrian security forces and what is known as “Cbihh”, resulting in so far killed more than 15 thousand people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in exceeded the number of detainees in Syrian prisons, against the backdrop of protests of the 25 thousand detainees, according to the observatory, as well as hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons and missing persons. presents the Damascus regime to pack a variety of sanctions, Arab and international, is also growing pressure on Assad to step down from his post , but the political and diplomatic protection provided by his Russia and China, which resorted to the use of veto power twice against a resolution condemning the violent practices of the Syrian regime led to the aggravation of the internal conflict that came to the brink of civil war.
Source: alsumarianews