Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-6-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-6-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions9-6-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Getting back to the basics of what makes Iraq a solid candidate for ReValuation, don’t forget that they are RICH with Black Gold… OIL. The world runs on that stuff, Iraq has a ton of it, which means they have intrinsic value that cannot be denied. The CBI has announced that they are also adding to their “other” Gold, to the tune of an additional 6.5 tons. I’ll save you the trouble of doing the math… 6.5 tons = 208,000 ounces. Gold is about $1200 per ounce right now, so that’s a value of $249,600,000. (Obviously a little less due to wholesale value, but it’s a lot of money!) Not too shabby of a report for the day, and it shows increasing strength. Good stuff!

9-6-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat What is REALLY going on behind the scenes? …They are stalling to settle which is the largest bloc. To get the largest bloc they must include the Kurds. They will need the Kurds in order to get the needed quorum in parliament to get anything done. …I expect that if they solve the crisis with Kurdistan and the deadlock for the largest bloc, they will then reconvene in parliament prior to Sept 15th.

9-5-2018 Newshound Guru Whitelions …Don’t worry about people falling all over each other trying to get to the banks…less than 1 % of the worlds population holds Dinar outside Iraq except for banks [themselves]…

9-5-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 A long day of ups and downs but banks say we are back on track…

9-5-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We finally see that Iraq is forced to hold the first session but only because of a constitutional requirement. Will they delay it further and can they do so legally now that this first session is held and some of the new MPs are sworn in. Oh – but not all the new MPs are sworn in. They are still missing many from the Kurdistan region and it will be hard to get a quorum without them.

9-5-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Iraq is still plodding through the formation of the new Government. Watching the GOI work could be described as similar to watching grass grow, although with the rain I’m getting right now… I think my lawn would win that race! Something to keep in mind, and this is a good thing – as slow as things seem to be moving, Iraq in general has made light years of progress compared to where they were a decade ago. Their processes are greatly improved. The debates are much more structured, not confused and uncertain as they were 5 or 10 years ago. There is an end in sight, so my point here is simple… don’t lose hope, be patient, and let things happen.

9-5-2018 Intel Guru Bruce Even though this is much bigger than Iraqi dinar we still have a situation right now where every bank in the world is on pins and needles waiting for the CBI to do their thing which should be to change the rate on the CBI to a reinstated and revalued rate for the Iraqi dinar. The word is once that happens everything is going to tumble like an avalanche for us. So we have every bank in the world it was put this way by someone high up, is just waiting for that to occur. …we heard at 1105 am this morning EST [Tuesday] all the bank rates on all screens came off. Other words, all the currencies came off the screens at the same time. …I do know that once the dinar comes back up as a rate that equivalent to the rate on the CBI, we should be good to go.

9-5-2018 Intel Guru Bruce Communication from all banks has stopped. …That is one thing I think is ultimately a good sign, and we do know that the Quantum Financial System was completely hooked up and linked to every bank and central bank and Federal Reserve Bank it needed to be hooked up to. …We know that President Trump has taken let’s call it firsthand charge of the roll out and initiating what needs to happen with the revaluation… …I feel that what I have heard was the possibility going at a certain time and I feel that time is close approaching. …My sources are indicating the Joe Public starts date is going to be September 15, 16, 17 or 18 of this month. So we have some time we will have to go prior to that as the Internet Group or Informed Group. Just to let you know. We should be there I have heard this week.