A US financial official controls and monitors the Central Bank of Iraq

A US financial official controls and monitors the Central Bank of Iraq


A US financial official controls and monitors the Central Bank of IraqTrump does not want his decisions about Iran to go wind in a hurry and any failure with this great pressure and investigations that pursue his political future will have the great effect of isolating him and removing him from the world of politics and economy together, American analysts told the Washington Post in commenting on US financial expert Sebastien and his team from the US Treasury Department are sent to Baghdad to settle in the CBI to monitor remittances.

The American analysts told the Washington Post that Trump does not attach importance to the sovereignty of the Iraqi or Gulf decision. He is outspoken in his statements to the Gulf leaders. He saw how he treated Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his meeting with him at the White House. To circumvent the sanctions and sent this American expert to monitor the movement of Iraqi funds and destination.

Iraqi economists commented on the news, confirmed by senior officials of the Central Bank of Iraq, who refused to disclose their names, said one of them, “Iraqi sovereignty in the bottom and if not to do another believe in our livelihood to let us work in an Iraqi sovereign bank supervised by American robbers hate a neighboring country and violate Iraqi sovereignty, Pictures “.

The Iraqi political and media Wajih Abbas said in a report addressed through his famous program “Kalam Wajih” that the United States is holding in one of its federal banks billions of dollars under the name of “bonds” invested by the Americans in the United States and the Iraqi people starving and there is a shortage of electricity supplies and pollution in Water and the spread of unemployment and these sectors are in dire need of these billions.

“This blatant American intervention in the Iraqi financial scene indicates that the Iraqi government is a servant of the US administration and a legal legitimacy for this illegal act and the diamonds of Iraqi sovereignty because the sanctions imposed on Iran are US sanctions,” said one Iraqi official, a lawmaker at the Central Bank of Iraq. Individual rejected by all countries of the world, especially the members of the Security Council adults, in addition to it does not rely on binding international resolutions. “This law, which has been working in the bank for many years, complains of the submission of the US government and the Director of the Central Bank of Iraq “I am ashamed of working under a humiliating government,” he said.

In response to US pressure, the Central Bank of Iraq decided earlier to ban dealing with Iranian banks in US dollar currency after the United States announced economic sanctions against Tehran, but the US government did not trust the decision and decided to monitor the movement of funds through a US official and administrative team, Sebastien. ”

The Central Bank, according to a document published by the Iraqi media issued on 2018-8-7 ban on dealing in dollars with Iran coincided with the announcement of the United States of America sanctions on Iran unilaterally.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq was not sympathetic to US sanctions against Iran, but would abide by it to protect its interests.

“In principle, we are against sanctions in the region,” Abbadi told a news conference. “The siege and sanctions destroy communities and do not weaken regimes, but we will abide by these sanctions.”