Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-24-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-24-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-24-2018 Newshound Guru sandyf It is a fact that Iraq has for years discussed the project to delete the 3 zeros. It is a fact that ten years ago that Iraq considered the “Turkey model” for their redenomination. It is a fact that in April 2012 the Iraqi cabinet postponed the redenomination indefinitely. It is a fact that in 2009 an investigative report was published into redenominations. It is a fact that the 2009 report concluded that a major contributor to a “successful” redenomination was low inflation. It is a fact that a redenomination introduces a new national currency and that the previous national currency co-exists in-country for a period of time. It would become an ISO historical currency. It is a fact that ISO historical currencies are not recognised internationally…

5-24-2018 Newshound Guru sandyf It is a fact that the Central Bank of Kuwait did not revalue the KWD following the occupation. The KWD was reinstated at the same value as it was prior to the occupation. It is a fact that the CBI published a figure for “Currency Issued” of 42.172 Trillion IQD as of 31st March 2018…It is a fact that no country on a floating exchange rate has allowed “rapid” appreciation of the currency. In recent times the greatest appreciation seen was the Yuan at about 3% per year, many said that was rapid. In the eye of the beholder. It is a fact that I have never said there was no possibility of a positive outcome, Just that it would not be in the way some want to make out…

5-24-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …here we are, patiently grinding through Ramadan. As expected, news is a bit slow at this time …The good news is there’s absolutely nothing going on that gives us cause for concern – so sit tight, keep that dinar in a safe place, and let’s just keep an eye on things for the next couple weeks. Once things get moving again, we should be in for a heck of a ride…

5-24-2018 Newshound Guru chattels An inclusive and representative government which is efficient and effective without continued gridlock means stability, which coupled with improved security, is conducive to the monetary reform we await, IMO. If Kap’s [Guru Kaperoni] theory has merit than there may be a happy coincidence of event late 2018 – early 2019.

5-23-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “AL-ABADI VISION FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS IF HE IS APPOINTED TO FORM THE GOVERNMENT” Quote: “…his vision is based on “reforming the economy, defeating corruption and providing jobs for millions of young people who have the majority of the Iraqi population and continuing to improve public services , Ensuring the follow-up of human rights and the empowerment of women.” …okay so now we get more of what al-Abadi will do as the next prime minister. Does this sound familiar? It is almost word for word what the Sadr Movement was requiring of the next PM. Remember this article came out just prior to him being named as the nominee that the Sadr Movement will send to parliament as the next prime minister.

5-23-2018 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan Question: Are you sure about capital gains verses ordinary income? Somewhere out in the dinar world there is a guy saying, “Look guys it’s going to be attributed to 988,” and it’s not ok. I keep telling everybody that 988 was created as a of handling incidental stuff. It does not apply to those of us who have bought dinar as an investment. It’s still not going to apply. If it was under 988 it would be considered capital gains but it is not. The other thing too that you have to realize…your loss that you may incur if you were to sell your dinar at a loss is not tax deductible. Something else you need to be aware of.
[NOTE: This is not to be considered tax advice in anyway…at the appropriate time you should speak to your own tax and financial professional.]

5-23-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “Abadi: We call for a transitional government without preconditions” I sense urgency in the air. We recently heard the call for an acceleration in getting a government settled accordingly. Now the symbionic relationship between Abadi and Sadr, obviously isn’t anything at all new…imo…They are way to aligned in just about everything and I posted photos of the two back in 2015, hand in hand smiling…Now with that said the two are clearly in alignment with wanting all Iraqis to be equal with no sectarianism period Amen! They want technocrats in position as a key point. Well, another nothing new, as Abadi has been doing exactly over the last couple years, therefore the above suggesting getting the government settled in record time is probably effectively been done for some time now.. imo. Let’s not forget Frank / WS [Gurus Frank26 & Walkingstick] reminded us that Abadi did his Gov in thirty days beating Maliki”s 209. It has been 10 days since election… hmmm.

5-23-2018 Newshound Guru chattels 165 seats are necessary. Sadr’s Sairoon (54 seats), PM Abadi’s Nasr (42 seats), Hakim’s Hikma (19 seats), VP Allawi’s Wataniya (21 seats) and the KDP (25 seats) and Qarar (13 seats) makes a total of 173 if my math is correct. Can I get a “Bingo!”? With the Kurds as part of the government we have the best chance to avoid quotas and establish an efficient majority government for legislation without consensus, IMO. Godspeed the completion of the Iraqi Banking Sector Reform Project!

5-23-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “MOQTADA AL-SADR, AGREED TO GIVE PRIME MINISTER HAIDER ABADI A SECOND TERM, DURING THE MEETING THEY HAD JUST GATHERED IN BAGHDAD” Okay so now we know Al-Abadi is going to be the next prime minister. We also gain some more insight at to the two conditions that al-Sadr is requiring of him. 1) fight corruption all the way to the top levels of govt 2) publish the list of names of those corrupt political officials.You can bet that on his mind is going after this Nori al-Maliki.