Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-17-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-17-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-17-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke They will RV – “Revalue” the Dinar, which means they will assign a BRAND NEW SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED VALUE to it. Actually right now, they change it almost daily anyway, as it fluctuates up & down already, so the words, “Substantial Increase” is the kicker. RI or Reinstatement really isn’t accurate at all, because they are not going back to Anything – especially an EXACT OLD Rate, when it was Devalued by the U.N., IMF sanctions. The only accuracy that RI or Reinstatement might have, is if you want to apply it to, if it’s Officially Internationally Traded and on the World Markets, like BEFORE, PREVIOUSLY – which OFFICIALLY has NOT yet been declared (talked about, but not Official), even though they are UNOFFICIALLY doing some International type things with it quietly, and without Fanfare – FOR A REASON…which the UN & IMF is well aware of, on Purpose, to accomplish more important things, up to this point. This will be a Brand New Rate, that perhaps has NEVER been seen before – qualifying as an RV or Revalued number…one thing is certain – NOW, THE MONEY CAN FLOW.

5-17-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE is on the Plate, and about to Occur: Sometime between May 25 – May 31st, Iraq (CBI) will substantially increase the Value, of their Dinar Currency…and ALL the Floodgates will blow open. (Yes, Ruby Slippers, we believe the VN Dong will also be triggered within 24 hrs. of the Dinar, with a New Substantial Rate Value, as well) There won’t be any Advance Warning…No Special Intel leaked from the CBI, U.S. Treasury, Bankers, printed Articles, Newscasts, Mosque’s…NOTHING. There won’t be any Auctions shutting down right before, or Dealers cutting off Currency sales right before, or ATM’s blinking saying “Stop in tomorrow & pick up your New Lower currency – Get it while it’s Hot!”…NONE of this will happen in Advance…THE RATE WILL JUST CHANGE. …YES…and Right in the MIDDLE OF RAMADAN.

5-17-2018 Intel Guru Bluwolf …There are no delays coming out of no agency of government, nothing from our President nor from his Congress nor Senate. Nothing from the Pentagon or the military. This is a FACT…

5-17-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Well, it’s that time of year… Ramadan is in full swing and although there’s plenty to be watchful of – my opinion is that we won’t be seeing an RV during Ramadan. This Ramadan could prove to be an interesting one… as the votes from the recent elections continue to come in, keep in mind that nothing ever gets done “on time” in Iraq (not even Ramadan, which starts late this year…), and we can probably expect some recounts on the recent elections. Abadi may not retain power, which will provide some interesting opportunities in the RV world – there would be a better way for a fresh face to put their Name in the history books and on every headline in the world than by spearheading a long-overdue revaluation of their currency, right?! In spite of Ramadan and a potentially huge change in the political world of Iraq, there is still plenty of positive activity. I won’t belabor the issue, but instead will remain watchful and see how things pan out…Stay positive, friends!

5-17-2018 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article: “LONDON NEWSPAPER: AMIRI AND MALIKI REDUCED THE CEILING OF THEIR AMBITIONS AND OFFER TO ABADI THE NEXT PRESIDENCY” …so we see in this article that the lists are juggling their support towards someone whom they want as prime minister. This is typical after the election and usually takes about a week to do. So hang in their. Even though we have the “formal” election results we still don’t have the “official and final” results. Remember too once all this horse trading is done, that parliament still had to ratify the new prime minister, then he had to form his government. Will all this delay the RV? Nobody knows just how far they are planning to go in seating this new government prior to puling the trigger on the reinstatement.

5-16-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke …We said over a month ago many times, that Iraq would NOT substantially raise the value of the Dinar Officially & Publicly, BEFORE the Elections…We’ve also been telling you the HUGE IMPORTANCE of North Korea… Now, you SEE…WHY it’s so important in you getting paid SUBSTANTIALLY, on your Currency Investment, with Iraq & Vietnam. REGIONAL PEACE, especially in the Far East, affects your Vietnam Dong currency, as well as, China, and the connections both China & N. Korea have to ISIS, Iran & Syria in the Middle East REGIONS. Do you “SEE” yet?

5-16-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke When the CBI a few weeks ago, said they were “Ready & just waiting for a SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT” …What the CBI TRULY MEANT, was “We need to wait and MAKE SURE the right Prime Minister & his Groups – his PEEPS – is in Place, BEFORE we Publicly & Officially change the currency.”…all because the UN, IMF & U.S. made sure of it. They do not want another Saddam Hussein disaster, which could otherwise escalate very rapidly, with one of the OTHER candidates making Prime Minister in power, bringing strong Iranian influence into their future. This had to be GUARANTEED NOT TO HAPPEN – ONLY AFTER THE ELECTION – NOT BEFORE…and NO, the Election was NOT Rigged. They already knew the overwhelming sentiment and direction things were heading…Waaaaaay IN ADVANCE.

5-16-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 [via Adept1] …the official announcement from the Iraqi election will be tomorrow, Thursday, because they are still counting overseas ballots. …They say that Sadr is first in the count, but they also say not to believe any rumors. Essentially, nothing has happened and nothing will happen until after that count. Sadr says that he doesn’t want to be PM, and he will talk to anyone (although he has been backing Abadi for the last few months). Sadr does have some conditions, and nobody knows what they are yet. Abadi has already said he is going after the corrupt, so that probably won’t be one of the conditions. The only condition I think Sadr can make is the timeframe of the RV, because Abadi is already doing everything else Sadr is likely to ask for. So we are not concerned until the official numbers and the conditions are announced. Then we’ll probably know how much longer we have to wait. I haven’t heard anything from Iraq or from the US banks – everyone is waiting.

5-16-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 On Monday I said we should see the RV by Friday, but we were expected a release on Monday. Now I really think it will be out by Friday. I don’t understand it all, unless that was the plan to start with. I’d think there is some reason Abadi took the chance, but in any case Abadi is still the PM until 1. July, and he can ask the CBI to release the new rate at any time. The government still operates during Ramadan, so I don’t think that’s an issue. There is nothing holding this back: no laws are needed, Article 140 is not really relevant, and so we are just waiting.

5-16-2018 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat WOW! What a week shaping up after the Iraqi elections. An unexpected candidate once again makes it to the top. …So the results are in from the “formal” election process: the “Sadrist movement” will get to nominate the next prime minister under Al-Sadr’s terms. Now we have to move towards the final “official” results which could take a week or more. …How likely is it that Al-Abadi will be the next prime minister? …We…know that these men have been meeting and al-Sadr has been campaigning for al-Abadi. But we don’t know if this was actually a well thought out plan or it is just turning out that way. …What difference does it make as long as al-Abadi gets back in to power. I think this will happen…

5-16-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling …So what does Iraq have an advantage over Iran? The whole world has access to its [Iraq’s] energy and they have access to the whole world’s energy. So why wouldn’t they [Iran] want to participate in Iraq’s economy? So kind of a blessing in disguise…That’s how Iran plans on using Iraq as a backdoor way to get access to whatever it is they need and get away with and get access to US dollars.

5-16-2018 Newshound Guru Stryker Abadi still has time to shine these next few weeks, and gain his second term along the way!