Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-23-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-23-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-23-2018 Intel Guru Bruce …Iraq is done and they have everything moving and shaking. They have been congratulated from a number of countries in the Middle East in having been put back on the world stage, having a currency to do business with. Iraq did put their rate in the budget in their digital Gazette yesterday. I do not know if the printed version was shown. We had all kinds of information coming in and confirmations that this was supposed to have gone down overnight last night. …From what I understand it was in position and it was expected to. …I don’t know what the reason is why it didn’t happen. …Maybe the timing just was not quite right….but all the factors were in place. The military was ready to go with security. The Treasury was on board ready to go. The President was on board expecting it to happen. …We are in a sort of any minute basis, open window…

3-23-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [Now that the CBI has ‘complete’ control over all the banks in Iraq, the budget not being opposed and pasted, the Federal Court upholding Art.140…allowing the progress of the HCL…What’s your take on the HCL…and what other factors does Iraq have to achieve in meeting their “Constitution’s” compliance…] HCL. All HCL. Only HCL. Everything else is trivial. Let’s see something happen on the 29th!

3-22-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […Okay Adam when is the RV going to happen?…] Fingers crossed, we are almost there!

3-22-2018 Newshound Guru mike Article: “The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar throughout Iraq” It’s abundantly clear that the numbers are all over the place…there’s confusion regarding the spread. Why? Because the CBI has decided to not publish the figures. Why? Who knows, but if I’m the CBI the logical thing to do is publish the spread figures which would reassure and provide additional confidence in the dinar. Why hide the success? …The markets are providing conflicting data, the only true measure of the spread is coming from the CBI, period…The facts are the CBI’s not giving us the data. Speculating, hoping and posturing that the rate is within the 2% MCP band is unwarranted without confirmation from the CBI, it’s just wishful thinking.

3-22-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Here comes some speculation: The CBI will announce this perhaps a day, maybe 6 hours ahead of the opening bell… but WHICH opening bell? My guess is the one closest to their time zone, with the largest trading capacity in the world – London. Keep in mind that London is 3 hours behind Baghdad, which means 9AM in Baghdad is 6AM in London. …the question comes up a LOT: “When will we know?” We have to take into account all major players in the FOREX market. Here are the top 6, in the order of their trading volume and the time it is in each location at 9AM Baghdad time: 1. London – GMT (6AM) 2. NYC – GMT -5 (1AM) 3. Tokyo – GMT +9 (3PM) 4. Singapore – GMT +8 (2PM) 5. Zurich – GMT +2 (8AM) 6. Hong Kong – GMT +8 (2PM)… This puts us in the U.S. in a bit of a pickle, and it’s one I’ve discussed with several CEOs that know the finer details. “What happens if the RV is announced at 9AM Baghdad time, but our banks don’t open for another 8 hours? Will that cause a problem for us?”…

3-22-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana In a word: “No”. It has been explained to me by multiple sources that banking hours are not federally mandated to be “9-5”, and in fact even if a State declares an “emergency situation” that would normally close most banks, our banks in the United States can choose to stay open or not. This also means they can operate 24 hours per day if they choose, or declare a “special situation” and grind through the night on “unusual business hours” to take advantage of a situation like this. We are not the only ones who are anticipating a profit in this venture…the banks are, too. So we can reasonably expect that if we get that call, whether it’s at 1AM or 3PM, we’re going to be looking at a timely process that enables us to cash in, the banks to profit, and business to happen.