Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-8-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-8-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-8-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 We have been getting reports from Iraqi citizens that they expect to see lower denominations in the next few weeks; there is a campaign to educate them on these lower denominations and how to take advantage of them. We’ll see. Positive, progress, moving us in the right direction. I am reading an article saying that the final Budget amendments were made with approval of the Prime Minister. He is not waiting the 18 days, he has already approved them. All we are waiting for now is the Gazette, which couldn’t publish it until it was approved.

3-8-2018 Newshound Guru chattels …National Oil Law is not the HCL.

3-8-2018 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf There is a fundamental difference between an “International currency” and an “Internationally recognised currency”… Article 8 would make the IQD an “Internationally recognised currency” which means that it would normally be exchanged at banks worldwide, it does not mean it can be normally used to make payment in international trade. When the IQD comes under Article 8, it will move from a non convertible currency to a partially convertible currency and international trade is normally conducted in a fully convertible currency, about 80 percent of which is in USD. For countries to trade in their own currencies it would normally require a bilateral agreement.

3-8-2018 Newshound Guru chattels I am thinking that the implementation / application of the INOC [Iraq National Oil Company] could be an alter ego to the HCL or a precursor of it. The INOC does not specifically resolve all HCL issues, but it may be a foundational framework for it. There are significant constitutional issues that may be addressed going forward with the INOC regarding the federalism issues with the HCL.

3-7-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana There was a rumor this week that a lot of people brought to my attention. Yes, I’ve been on top of it. No, the rate has not officially changed. Here’s the deal: I hear more rumors than most, and I consider it my “job” to verify anything significant. The recent “buzz” about the rate change on Google and a few other places is causing a lot of buzz. Anytime something like this happens, the first thing I do is check with my top advisors. These are the people that are first-string contacts for us when we go to cash in, and even some of THEM have been double checking with me!

3-7-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana This is a crazy time for the dinar, and when things like this happen… there’s a good chance that there is a REASON for it. There is no verification of the “reason” right now, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I am receiving an overwhelming amount of similar “rumors” from sources that don’t generally react to anything of the sort. Some of these messages and calls are coming from people that I have business relationships with, but have NEVER contacted me regarding something that could be considered a “rumor”. Things happen… for a reason. I’ll be back with more thoughts once I get some return calls.

3-7-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Here it comes…RV…All I can say is – I TOLD YOU SO! Here come the re-education process we have been waiting for all along. Folks – Iraq is starting the rollout the rollout. Now be patient and let the process go forward. We will be at the banks shortly. On Tuesday Iraqi TV was showing lower category notes and explaining them to give the citizens instructions on how to use them and what to expect in the coming weeks. WOW! Then later out pops this article in the news media. Can it get any better? Article: “CURRENT NOTES SOON TO BE REPLACED” Quote: “About 5 trillion Iraqi dinars ($4.3 billion USD) will circulate along with the old notes, said al-Yasseri, gradually replacing the older issues. He added that for now, both old and new notes will circulate side-by-side.”

3-7-2018 Newshound Guru mike Quote: “Government / private banks and authorized financial transfer companiesM / training course…We would like to inform you about a training course entitled “Counterfeiting and counterfeiting local and foreign currency and counterfeiting” …who counterfeits a currency worth 0.00090 to the dollar? And, it’s not even accepted outside of Iraq itself. Counterfeiting a $100 bill makes perfect sense, but a 50K note worth $40 bucks? [They look towards the future Mike.] I guess so but Iraq’s currency will slowly rise in value due to the effect of the Balasaa-Samuelson effect, it’s not an overnight deal. In addition, security symbols, raised dots, colored threads and the Spark optical features make this one of the toughest currencies to counterfeit today. With a value of 0.00090 to $1. Shabibi told us all throughout 2011 and 2012 that counterfeiting was an excuse by Iraq’s leadership to not make a change in the value of the dinar. It was a scare tactic. Why we’re still seeing this stuff is beyond me. …it sure seems like a lot of work for a currency that’s essentially worthless outside the country.

3-7-2018 Newshound Guru G-Lin Article: “Law of the National Oil Company .. A new era for the development of the economy” This…art. tells us that “the Iraqi National Oil Company will be the second largest oil company in the world after Aramco and the largest of all international oil companies. Good stuff. How can Iraq continue to conduct business with a programed artificial devalued rate and operate as the 2nd largest oil co. in the world? Doesn’t make sense at all to me. They also are beefing up their export industry and that is what we need to see. The tradable international rate will need to be in place IMO.

3-7-2018 Intel Guru Bruce I was completely convinced over the weekend and into yesterday that we were looking to go even today [Tuesday] with our start. There had been some indications that were pointing that way. Then we get into today a little bit more and we find out this is still going on and we may have to wait a day or so. That is kind of where we are. That budget was sitting around waiting for a final reading or some kind of formality on Saturday and it was handled, but it still did not go into the Gazette Saturday…I have been told they expect it to go into the Gazette tomorrow [Wednesday] . Let’s see if that happens. If it does happens we think the rate for the dinar should come out as well. Iraqi lower denominations were being discussed also how to use the lower denoms on Iraqi TV…for sure today. Iraq has their lower denominations out and to the best of my knowledge in use. When that happens so you can use the lower demons, you have to have a rate change to make that work.