Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-22-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-22-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions2-22-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “URGENT The dollar is blowing in Iraq” Quotes “Foreign exchange markets in Baghdad, on Wednesday morning, a significant decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.”; “The selling price of one dollar 1225 dinars, or 122 thousand and 500 dinars, for one hundred dollars. And the purchase price of the dollar is 1215 dinars, or 121 thousand and 500 dinars, for one hundred dollars.” …this is good news. The Dinar is getting stronger. It is harder to get (over here), the price is going up and the exchange rate is better over there (for us). None of this is bad. It is all good.

2-22-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Source: The increase in the depreciation of the dollar against the dinar due to the actions of the Central Bank ” …the Market Rate will never be less than the Official Rate at the CBI. And the CBI cannot stop the auctions until there is an alternative for international commerce. I believe I am correct, the 2% rule is calculated off the Official Rate plus CBI commissions (1182 + 8 dinar commissions X .02 = 23.8) which puts it at 1213 to $1. How long the CBI must wait may be subject to IMF review. We know they were not giving them an exception on the spread, but they may give them an exception on time (90 day rule) due to the urgency of maintaining stability and encouraging investment.
[Based on Guru Kaperoni’s 8 dinar commission rule some gurus feel the Percentage Difference between the official rate and market rate needs to be 1214 to meet the IMF 2% stipulation…no one seems to be clear on how to calculate the number – guru 2% target rates range from 1203 to 1214]

2-22-2018 Newshound Guru Don961 Article: “Merry of Iraqi dinar” …another article touting what a terrific job the CBI has done holding and even increasing the value of the IQD…even with all the turmoil of ridding the country of Daesh…more and more articles now appearing talking about the dinar and its value…imo.

2-21-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke Let’s look at the RATES. This is the way we “SEE” things. It’s pretty Simple. Let’s look at the “FACTS”. FACTS, not Rumor. Not Hype. Not B.S. Not somebody’s “Whatever”. Let’s Get sober for just a minute here. “IL-LOGICAL” Example: IRAQ in the 1990’s Pre-War, the U.S. exchange rate was $3.00 plus. On average, over the past few years, you could exchange 1 Million Dinar at around $1,000 avg. What happens with Oil-Rich – Iraq, 15 yrs. later, given today’s parameters, World economy & RELATIONSHIP WITH THE U.S.? At $3.00, your $1,000, suddenly exchanges for $3,000,000….”IL-LOGICAL”? – YES. “INSANE”? – YES. “NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE, WHAT THE RATES WILL COME OUT AT, INITIALLY – NOBODY”…except the person sitting in front of the Computer Screen, at the time of Entry, the time of CHANGE, and the Person giving them the information to Input, based on the Committee’s Final Rate Decisions.


2-21-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “IFC is cooperating with the Iraqi Central Bank to strengthen corporate governance in the banking sector” Quote: “This initiative comes within the framework of IFC’s strategy to stimulate private sector growth in Iraq…” …the IFC is going to drive investment into Iraq and as a result capital through the CBI. Exactly what we want…

2-21-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Dinar is getting interesting again, isn’t it? It’s about time! Major news is pretty simple – no HCL yet, but it’s gaining a lot of outside support in a quick way. Notably, the price of Crude has stabilized to around the same price it was back in early 2014. This is exactly what the recent OPEC agreement was intended to do, and the fact that it’s succeeding is VERY encouraging. Reports that it should get back up into the $80 range are everywhere. The important part here is that oil IS stable, and it IS going up, in a mostly predictable fashion. This is what Iraq needs to really move on the HCL…Also promising is reports that some dealers are showing a shortage of IQD notes for sale. This could be a strong indicator that the available supply is drying up, or it could mean that demand from investors like us is getting lower… Good for us, either way!..

2-21-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …On a different subject, I saw a news clip about a confrontation in Iraq yesterday. It surprised me, because we’ve really seen almost NOTHING along those lines in the last year…major violence in Iraq has been almost non-existent lately when compared to 2013,14,15…as we all know here, Iraq certainly is not the same place it was 5 years ago! It makes one wonder…is Iraq finally to a point where they are “flying under the radar” for the most part, and therefore in a perfect place to surprise the world with something big? That could certainly be the case. Bring it on! They might catch the rest of the world by surprise, but not us.

2-21-2018 Newshound Guru G-Lin Articles “The recovery of the Iraqi dinar”; “Merry of Iraqi dinar” These arts. are by two leading economist from Iraq and they are heaping praise on the CBI for narrowing the spread in the market place. This is exactly what the IMF has been trying to get Iraq to do for years. This fights corruption and gives some prestige to the dinar. Higher value and stronger purchasing power. Hopefully this tread will continue and we will see them liberate the exchange rate in the open market internationally. We know Iraq is examining the example of Egypt pound… Egypt is a success story and their economy has improved since they started the float in 2016. I like this part of the above art. “restore the splendor in the currency market .. Financial stability and the strength of the Iraqi dinar aim to reduce the systemic risks that have emerged with the recurrence of financial crises.”

2-21-2018 Intel Guru Bruce …We are sort of in that hour to hour phrase right now where something could change in hour or two that would either delay or move it forward. It has worked both ways…Some things moves quicker than we thought than some things take longer than we thought. We thought we would go today [Tuesday]. We thought we would go at lunch time. It didn’t happen. …things change and this is a very moveable situation. It is flexible. I know what the rates are, and I know what I expect them to be, but the minute I put them out and do that, I will be wrong and then someone will be disappointed. Maybe they will be better than I think they are, and that will be a good thing.

2-21-2018 Intel Guru Bruce I think it is important to see that this redemption and we call it redemption is close and I know I have said it is close before, but I do mean that. I have heard (3) separate bankers say that we that shouldn’t get out of this week without being completely wealthy. Now am I calling it? No. I am just telling you what I have heard. We will see if it is true. We are at the point there are a few little things to be handled that I heard about, but the Intel we heard earlier said we shouldn’t get out of this week to be rich I believe is still true…there is not a lot we need to know except be ready.