Abadi leaves Davos forum “resentful” and reason !!

Abadi leaves Davos forum “resentful” and reason !!

Posted, January 27, 2018 at 23: 11 pm

Abadi leaves Davos forum resentful and reasonBaghdad / Sky Press

Media sources at the Davos Forum in Switzerland have reported that Prime Minister Haider Abadi has not received full guarantees for the reconstruction of Iraq from major powers.

“The reason for Abadi’s early departure from the forum was his displeasure at the fact that most of the leaders and representatives of the countries were reluctant to make binding promises to pay financial grants to the liberated areas reconstruction conference to be held in Kuwait,” the sources said.

She added that these countries appear to have been satisfied with the assistance they have provided to Iraq during its war against an organization that advocates and does not want to give more, “noting that” Abadi was also hoping to meet US President Donald Trump, but learned that the latter is not in his work program for the first, In his departure. ”