Senior Economist: GOI has not taken the necessary measures to protect Iraq’s money

Senior Economist: GOI has not taken the necessary measures to protect Iraq’s money   Considered an expert Iraqi economic, Sunday, the Iraqi governments since 2003 have not taken the necessary measures to protect Iraqi funds deposited in international banks, warning that lifting the protection the U.S. for Iraqi funds will open the doors to mislead the accounts and seized the pretext of indebtedness of the former regime.   The Finance Committee representative may announced that Iraq got the last extension by the U.S. administration to protect his money from abroad for a year, expires in May 2013. The peace Sumaisem economic expert former Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that «the protection of Iraqi funds by an international resolution helped in the maintenance of funds and Iraqi funds in foreign banks that, engaged in the hands of many of the creditors under the pretext of obtaining debt» ..   She said, «Even though it might open the doors on the other to the outskirts of unknown misled the final accounts of the Fund of the DFI (development of Iraq’s money), but on the whole contributed to the failure of the creditors, particularly the Arabs, including specifically, to seize Iraqi funds under the pretext of indebtedness of the former regime ».   Sumaisem believes winning a doctorate in Islamic economics, and philosophy in the economy, that« there are many international laws help protect the money and track the source of smuggled or manipulated », ..   Said, «but with great regret that lack of knowledge of the details of financial, legal, and the absence of parties with expertise and the use of minors by clergy incompetent makes the loss of the right of Iraq is easy, as was the case always and more than one file».   They pointed out that «the rules for the protection of funds requires activation of a number of legislations and laws and to work Joint committees of the House of Representatives of the relationship and the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance and Control Bureau of Finance and Trade Bank of Iraq and the Supreme Judicial Council in order to activate measures to protect Iraqi funds ».   According Sumaisem the« Iraqi governments after 2003 fell short in a matter of taking action to address the issue of lift protection from Iraqi funds for technical reasons and lack the technology and then you do not want those governments not to recognize the completion of these aspects to it, not to mention the financial problems of corruption and lack of accountability of legal and forensic investigation to be followed in such violations