Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-12-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-12-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions12-12-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Fasten your seatbelts. I feel these studies are coming to an end. We don’t offer date or rate, the evidence is there…We Told you on Wednesday 2 article’s will come out after speech…and 1 CBI article…Nano seconds after that speech was done Chapter V11 was released…Like a wormhole at the speed of light! What was in that speech…IMO WE WON! Iraq can now bring in investors…the Long line…CBI says “we have confidence of a Financial Victory”. IOO…Will be an RI at 1-1…as it goes to the RV stage…will climb, then a free float…WE HAVE WON!

12-12-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 [Didn’t Abadi say that ‘economic reforms will be complete within 24 hours’?] No, he did not say that. But just because we don’t know what’s going on, it doesn’t mean the Iraqis don’t know what’s going on. Apparently it doesn’t have to be on the CBI site for them to be enjoying a new rate, according to intel I’m receiving. They’ve made all the international references they can make, and now Abadi is moving on to the next piece of business. To me, it all says “no more excuses”. There is intel that I cannot share, but it indicates a few more hours or days, maybe by Wednesday.

12-12-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: “We can say that IRAQ’S SOVEREIGNTY HAS BEEN FULLY REALIZED and that IRAQ HAS A REAL OPPORTUNITY TO ADVANCE AND REGAIN ITS STATUS AFTER IT HAS RETURNED ITS CONFIDENCE TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY,” Okay folks if this…statement …does not rock you, I don’t know what will. These are almost the exact words used in a past statement made by the PM Abadi and Saleh when they said they wanted Iraq to return to the international stage and regain their former glory of their currency. …Folks this is WOW! news.

12-11-2017 Newshound Guru mike Article: “The document: a political entity address the Prime Minister officially .. and demanding the dismissal of the Governor of the Central Bank” My mind drifts back to Dr. Shabibi, now there was a guy who didn’t take orders from the GOI and did what was best for Iraq’s monetary policy. He was independent and educated in oil based economies. Keywords is none of those things and so far, we’re stuck in a rut. I have no confidence in this guy anymore and if he can’t get it done, I’d rather start with a new Governor than sit, wait and hope that Keywords will finally move the ball past the goal line. I just don’t think he’ll do it.

12-11-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 We had an exciting weekend of celebrations and other activities. Victory Week ends today, although Abadi has already left town, as it were. If I knew things were taken care of, I’d just leave town. Liberation was announced, and Chapter 7, and the Budget, even though Parliament hasn’t voted on it. The only thing still to be announced is the official new rate of the Iraqi dinar. All the currencies we’re interested in have been greyed out on the bank screens, expecting rate changes. Some expected those changes to kick on Sunday evening…that’s in US banks. Over there, the CBI is now in charge, so we anticipate a rate change after the speeches both there and here. This should be it! We don’t have public information of a rate change over there, yet; however… Still the wheel turning forward as far as I’m concerned. Did not wake up this morning to a whole new rate on the IWD at the banks or the rates not being grayed out but that does not mean its not right around the corner. Let’s see what happens between now and Wednesday.

12-11-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat I want to say the news could not possibly get any better than today’s news. Many are hoping for a “triggered” RV in January and some even believe there will suddenly be a new rate of $3.00+ on FOREX thus this is how their perception it and expectations. …let me set everyone straight and set an honest expectation here on how all this is going to work… Remember what I am about to tell you is now the current plan of the CBI and nothing but a plan. They have targeted January 2018 for a major rate change. Having said this, we know they also targeted Jan 2011, Jan 2013 and Jan 2015 and in all instances, it was postponed for some reason. We are just 23 days until 2018 and there is no targeted RV prior to this time.

12-11-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat On Saturday we have some incredible news. Is all this recent news really all lining up exactly what we would expect at this time for an EARLY 2018 RV? No! We are still missing important pieces. One of these pieces is the re-education of the citizens in what they are about to do with currency reform. …I am optimistic as I am told we will get it and to be patient. …on Saturday Dec 8th was the announcement that Iraq “fully” exited out of Chapter VII for the oil and food program. I will tell you now this does not release Iraq dinar’s ability to trade freely internationally. Iraq is still under currency restrictions. …the currency restrictions will not be lifted until the IMF deems Iraq fit resulting from the ongoing Article IV Consultation Reviews under the current Stand-By Arrangement. Can this happen anytime? Yes – but there is still work to be done by Iraq.

12-11-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …the security part is taken care of…the CBI and GOI will not no longer hold back the RV due to SECURITY reasons. So now Iraq is moving in the right direction again and after the announcements this past weekend I believe that Iraq is actually in a much better situation than even in 2012.