Abadi declares war on the corrupt and threatens them with {surprises}

Abadi declares war on the corrupt and threatens them with {surprises}

22/11/2017 12:00 am

Abadi declares war on the corrupt and threatens them with surprisesCategorically denied the reduction of salaries of employees
Baghdad / Al-Sabah / Alaa al-Tai
The Prime Minister and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Abadi, his intention to wage war on the corrupt, “calling on” activists and citizens to cooperate in detecting the corrupt. “He said that the organization was crushed,” Daash “military in Iraq, he pointed out that political differences will open the way for This comes at a time when the Council of Ministers to allocate the degrees of employment for military colleges and extinguish the debts of electricity fees in the district of Haditha and the draft law on social welfare.
End “Daesh”
Abadi said at his weekly press which was attended by the “morning”: “Thanks to God Almighty and the efforts of our fighters , we were able to liberate our land and all our cities and we have completed the project Daesh terrorist to establish deviant state that distort Islam and true values of humanity, noting that” we have restored spend Rawa “We have begun the purges to remove the effects of the bandits and their remnants in the liberation operations in western Anbar.”
He added that “the credit to end the Dahesh belongs to the Iraqis and confirm that the killer on the ground are the Iraqis only and we challenge anyone to mention something else,” noting “We have advisers from different countries And we received air support, and Ace Fairway that we used bought them and are not free, it was indirect fire injured from other nationalities. ”
He said the prime minister that” the Iraqis and their heroism that ended Daesh and the right of Iraqis and the religious authority and the right of the brave who fought for Daesh and all the mothers, fathers and every brother and sister and the son of all media supported The war effort and the effort of the battle and every citizen who contributed to the effort of the public to take pride in ending the myth of terrorism in Iraq ”
He explained,” We started a fighting in Mosul, in the sense that the head of terrorism Da’ashi in Mosul and when eliminated, the parties die easily as happened in western Anbar and Hawija, In the rest of the “The estimates and expectations were that the sacrifices of liberation would be great and take time, but we could prove the opposite and hit us, calling and liberating the land. The Iraqis have the credit to help the Syrians and the world from terrorism that if not broken in Iraq, Other “.

Terrorists losses
Abadi pointed out that “terrorist gangs have suffered heavy losses in Iraq from their leaders and their weapons and their components , and we inflict their real defeat psychological and military led them mass to escape as they were 3 years causing terror to the citizens before , ” asserting that “militarily ended the presence of Daesh in Iraq , and we started the process The first to survey all Western Sahara and soon start the clearing operations of the island and move to the stage of maintaining victory and prevent the emergence of another terrorism using intelligence effort. ”
The prime minister pointed out that “the intelligence effort thwarted all their attempts during the liberation operations and failed their plans to target the visitors of Arbaina,” noting that “terrorism remains dangerous and will try to get new volunteers and funding for terrorist operations,” warning politicians, “The instigator will prepare him as a partner in the crime,” while addressing them by saying, “You serve gangs in the end and encourage them to do a terrorist act or stir up a dispute between citizens and political blocs.”
Security forces also called for “vigilance and caution and follow all activities is natural and dealing with the information whatever”, urging them to cooperate with , especially in the liberated areas that are exchanging trust with security forces and provide them with information about Aldoaash and their designs citizens. ”
The General Commander of the Armed Forces “We are waiting for the final reports and the final operations to announce this day.”
On the return of displaced persons to their areas, Abadi said that “stability and the restoration of basic services are under way “He pointed out that” near the date of the elections requires the return of displaced persons to their areas to contribute to the election process, although the displaced can vote from his place, but it is better to be in his area and his home to participate in the electoral process, “revealing” start to prepare schedules for the return of displaced persons to their areas and we will make sure to abide by them. ”

elections , its timing
and on the elections, the chief executive said that he paid a visit to the electoral position and received a voter card, calling on citizens to review centers and received their cards and invite them to participate strongly in the elections to celebrate Banasraly Daesh and unify the country And the possibility of Iraq playing a new role.
Abadi repeated his assertions that the elections would be held on time, based on mistakes in the past and can be corrected and change the picture of some of the despair of Iraq, “which generates a rebirth is stronger and benefited from previous lessons.”
He pointed out that “the elections will be held on time, whether law has been enacted or not legislated, we adopt the law in force and the Commission exists and allocated the necessary funds for the Commission to carry out
its work.”
Federal decision
and welcomed the Prime Minister of the Federal Court ‘s decision against the referendum region, saying: “The unity of Iraqis is essential for this and stood against him and the world with us , but the brothers have not heard,” urging the brothers in the region to “respect the Constitution and the Federal Court decision , we live in one country must adhere By the Constitution voted by the citizens. ”
He also called on the Kurdish brothers to “not go to fight, the Peshmerga will not aim their guns at the security forces or their Iraqi brothers despite the attempts of some politicians and call them to abide by this matter and cooperate fully to extend the federal authority in all regions to the 2003 borders.”
Abadi stressed his commitment to pay the salaries of workers in the region, which was included in the budget and each province separately to be distributed in a fair manner according to the text of the Constitution and take into account the individual province and its provinces to achieve balance and justice in this framework, “which is mandatory,” noting that “information on Kurdish workers in the region is Enough and need to check because of the amplification of some of them 3-4 salaries or 2, and must be sure and achieve justice as we commit to support the economy in the region and all Iraq.

Fighting corruption
On the fight against corruption, the prime minister said: “Our best choice is between surrender or death. Most of them chose not to surrender. They were killed. The corrupt ones ordered them to hand over the money that was stolen and declared it. Then there could be” amnesty, “or the loss of money and spending the rest. Of their lives in prison, “that is, the two together,” pledging “we will chase the corrupt and will not be safe or carrying out campaigns to reduce our occupancy.
” Abadi said “the rush failed in our work” and the corrupt tried to keep us from spreading falsehoods and stabbing and discouraging the will of our forces “and did not succeed.” The new is to fight corruption and spoilers and expose the abusers with money For the year and bring them to justice , “explaining that” this approach is not the responsibility of the government alone and need to cooperate fully in all aspects of the state and society. ”
He said to the corrupt: “Hand over the money that you stole to take over your life or the loss of your life and money together. We have a real thing you will be surprised by, as happened in gangs that we overcame,” assuring citizens that “we will prevail in the war on corruption. Terrorism “.

Revitalizing the economy
and the economic file, Abadi stressed the move to plan the revitalization of the economy, agriculture, industry and trade and there are national products now in the markets compete with the importer, expressing regret that some MPs contributed to the launch of false rumors about the salaries of employees.
He added: “When we say that salaries will not be cut, we will not cut off some things that have not yet been discussed and allocate allocations of some degrees previously and left now because we need a comprehensive economic reform of the private and public sectors in order to provide pensions to all citizens
and thanked each country provided support and advice to Iraq “We are following up with the US administration to classify forces in the popular crowd with terrorism and it is not successful,” he said, adding that “this classification comes from the influence of organizations within the United States on the US administration against Iraq.
” With excesses but individualities But we do not accept the error and achieve it, I do not think that the decision goes. ”
And his political future after the announcement of the cleric Muqtada al – Sadr ‘s support for a second term, Abadi said:” We appreciate this attitude of Mr. al- Sadr , “noting that” there is a difference between independence and membership of the party we spent On a large part of the quotas in the institutions of the state “He said,
” Formally we are parties but in practice we are independent, “asserting that” he is committed to all his commitments and the largest bloc National Alliance nominated me according to the Constitution and committed to this constitutional mechanism and I belong to the Islamic Dawa Party and I leave this commitment, Independently “.
Abadi called on the electoral lists to be “independent in defending all citizens,” expressing the hope that “we see national lists do not shop for belonging, but for the national interest.”

Cabinet meeting
in the meantime, the Council of Ministers voted on the allocation of functional degrees of military colleges and fire wage electricity debt in a modern judiciary and the draft Social Welfare Act.
A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, received by Al-Sabah, said that the Cabinet voted in its ordinary session under the chairmanship of Haidar Al-Abadi to “assign functional grades to the military colleges and vote on the minutes of the joint Iraqi-Jordanian committee formed under the Diwani Order No. 15 of 2017. The law of amending the Companies Law No. 21 of 1997 and voting on the draft law of the first amendment to the law of agricultural quarantine No. 26 of 2012.
“The Council of Ministers and the formation of a committee to evaluate the strategic projects that can be completed in full next year in order to prioritize the work and waste of money in projects that are not important to the citizen and the rates of achievement is low,” he said, adding that ” A competent national administration to manage the Iraqi airspace and improve the situation of workers in this important sector. ”
“The council also voted to extinguish the debts of electricity in Haditha district,” the statement said.
The Council of Ministers, according to the statement, “a report on the damage caused by the earthquake that occurred on 11 and 12 November 2017 in the regions of Kurdistan and Khankin, and directed the implementation of the necessary procedures on this.”
The statement noted that “the Council voted on draft social welfare law No. 126 of 1980 and referred to the House of Representatives.”

The British
Prime Minister’s Office said in a press statement that “Dr. Abbadi received the envoy of British Prime Minister Christian Turner,” adding that “during the meeting discussed the strengthening of relations between the two countries and the political, security and economic conditions and the restoration of stability to the liberated areas” . “Turner,” the victories achieved on the duel, “stressing” his country’s support for the unity of Iraq, and Britain is committed to support Iraq in the process of stability of liberated areas. ”