Close to Abadi: talk about US conditions dictated to Baghdad is incorrect

Close to Abadi: talk about US conditions dictated to Baghdad is incorrect

2017/11/20 15:41

Close to Abadi - talk about US conditions dictated to Baghdad is incorrectBaghdad today – Baghdad

The deputy close to the Prime Minister, Jasim al-Bayati, on Monday, the existence of US conditions filled the government of Baghdad on the continuation of negotiations governed by the Kurdistan region.

Al-Bayati said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today that “the sources that the Arab media are transmitting are in fact unreliable, so what was reported about the presence of American dictates is incorrect.”

He added that “the popular crowd is located in the outskirts of the disputed areas, and the forces that hold the ground are the federal police and the Iraqi army.”

He pointed out that “there are US and international pressure exerted on the government, but the prime minister can not succumb to these pressures.”

The London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Arab said today that pressing American pressure has finally led factions in the popular crowd to withdraw from disputed areas between the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region as Iraqi forces prepare to launch a large operation in the border desert between Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Urging fugitives from Western battles.

“Baghdad has agreed to inform the popular mobilization units deployed in disputed areas after October 16 to withdraw,” the paper quoted Iraqi sources as saying. “Some segments of the popular crowd have already withdrawn.”

She added that “the popular crowd has vacated sites in the areas of Sinjar and Zamar north-west of Mosul, was entered within the framework of the redeployment plan, carried out by the federal forces, in response to the referendum in Kurdistan on the twenty-fifth of September.”

The Kurdish sources stressed that “the decision to withdraw the popular crowd from these areas, came in response to the desire of the US urgency.”

The withdrawal of the popular mobilization forces from some disputed areas, in conjunction with a military statement directed by the Joint Operations Command in Iraq, to ​​an armed force belonging to the PKK opposed to Turkey, to leave Sinjar immediately, according to the newspaper.

“The United States wants to remove the popular crowd from the disputed areas in response to repeated Kurdish demands before the joint deployment of federal forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga begins in the strip adjacent to the Kurdistan region,” it said.

“The American mediators between Baghdad and Erbil, want to isolate the military negotiations on proliferation in the disputed areas, the political negotiations on the share of Kurdistan from Iraq’s general budget in 2018 and the export of oil region, and other outstanding issues between the two sides.”

She added that “the United States succeeded in preventing the expansion of fighting broke out between the federal forces and the Peshmerga forces in large areas on the border of Kurdistan, after the Territory conducted a referendum on self-determination.”

Observers in Baghdad say that “the stabilization of the military situation between Baghdad and Erbil, is the priority of Washington now, and thus can support the convergence efforts in other contentious files between the governments of the Center and the region,” the newspaper pointed out.