Your Excellency has already assured us that the constitutional violations committed by al-Maliki

Of a meeting of Irbil yesterday to President Talabani: Your Excellency has already assured us that the constitutional violations committed by al-Maliki

Posted 11/06/2012 09:19 AM

Arbil – “squares of liberation” from Dilshad Abdul Rahman
The leaders, meeting in Erbil yesterday that President Jalal Talabani, had complained to them during his meeting with them at the meeting of Arbil, the first consultative (28 last April) of the constitutional violations committed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the most prominent stripping the President of his powers.
In their letter yesterday, which sent them to the President Republic and the unique site “squares Liberation” published sketches, including leaders emphasized “We would like to note that your Excellency was at the basis of the first consultative meeting in Arbil as well as in interviews later, and you yourself where clearly the abuses carried out by the Prime Minister, including, for customization, Tgriedkm of authority Constitutional assigned to you as part of the federal executive branch, as is emphasized in Article 66 of the Constitution as made ​​up of the President and Council of Ministers, as well as the manifestations of monopoly and exclusion and stirring crises, etc., which inhibits the national consensus and hinder the development of the democratic political process, as well as non-application of agreements and understandings and consensus whether national or other agreement of Arbil. ”

Of the meeting of Irbil on Sunday

The leaders stressed that they are convinced of the existence of a sufficient number of signatures of confidence “As we mention together, your Excellency Altazemtem evident even at the last meeting held Bdukan, you will steer a no-confidence if the available number provided for the signatures of the House and the amount of 164 deputies, and we have the conviction assigned to the fact that the required condition has been achieved in the file signatures of Representatives, and to emphasize the seriousness of the approach you with a message-confidence motion to the House for the Prime Minister … and create a climate of lead, God forbid to overcome completely and devote the authority of the individual one and one-party, and lay the foundations of a dictatorial regime of the new style, bring Iraq back to the starting point, which disappointed the hopes of our people. ”
He concluded meeting in Erbil yesterday to continue in the case of no-confidence constitutionally convinced the presidency of committing Maliki violations of constitutional scandalous “We are aware that you are convinced of committing the Prime Minister during the years of his rule violations of constitutional scandalous enough none of them to withdraw confidence from it, we seek in the future to put them in the path that we want to withdraw trust him. ”

Source: altahreernews