Talabani calls for a national meeting and the Coalition supports the meeting in Arbil, seeking clarification

The announcement President of the Republic not a quorum necessary to hold a hearing to withdraw confidence from the government in an important stage of the stages that made the crisis. At the same time new President Talabani invited all political parties to hold a national meeting to resolve the current crisis.

A statement by the Office of the President that the number of signatories to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of 160 deputies only which is less than the required number of 163. The statement “It is for the purpose of payment of any confusion regarding the position of President of the Republic and his commitment to the full provisions of the Constitution we would like to clarify that the President had promised the leaders of a number of political blocs that bringing to the House of Representatives the names of Representatives demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister after ensuring the safety of the signatures and completeness a quorum.

Despite the fact that such a step is not mandatory for the President of the Republic, it has agreed to do as a compromise may result in the crisis to the solution. “and the statement” that the committee mandated by the President checks had been received signatures of 160 MPs from the coalition in Iraq and the coalition forces of Kurdistan and the mass of the Liberals and the number of independent representatives, and added to them later on a list of number of members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). and later by 11 of the House of Representatives signed previously to inform the Office of the President to withdraw their signatures as requested deputies others “comment” Toukieihma.

“He said that” in light of this and due to lack of quorum, the Message from the President of the Republic, despite the readiness of the text, have not reported to the House of Representatives and deposited with the President of Kurdistan. ” The statement said the presidential trade names are said to candidates for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is an explicit violation of the provisions of Rule 61 VIII D of the Constitution, which empowers the President of this right in accordance with what is contained in Article 76 of the Basic Law.

“To that, the National Alliance, yesterday, his intention to move in the way of dialogue, mutual and investment of all political opportunities constructive, to address all the problems at hand, considering papers of President Jalal Talabani and other meetings, the tributaries of constructive to enrich the national meeting to be held during the coming period. said alliance president Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in a statement issued yesterday, and received justice, a copy of it , “The Iraqi National Alliance is keen on strengthening relations and building bridges with all the other alliances, to build Iraq, and its different institutions,” calling for “adoption of a mechanism of dialogue that does not exclude any block or character of an Iraqi national, and not to neglect any initiative made by any party of political parties “.. the other hand admitted meeting in Erbil yesterday to send a message illustrative to President Jalal Talabani to confirm signatures of the House and the adequacy of the required number constitutionally to withdraw confidence from the government. A statement by the Presidency of the Kurdistan region,” The parties to a meeting of Arbil – Najaf consultative meeting was held yesterday devoted to the latest political developments and Maitalq to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.

“” We’ve confirmed attendees to continue the efforts and steps to achieve its goal, depending on all the constitutional mechanisms and boot to turn them into practical application and the statement said that “the meeting approved the direct explanatory letter to President Jalal Talabani , where the emphasis is on the health of signatures as well as the adequacy of the House and constitutionally required number of no confidence. “He pointed out that” The meeting reaffirmed that the alternative candidate for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers exclusively from the National Alliance. “