Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-22-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-22-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions7-22-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “Central bank sales rise in foreign currency auction” I am never concerned about looking at the sales from the currency auctions as any indicator of an RV. …The currency auctions are all about the Chapter VII sanctions. The merchants need US dollars to pay for imports of goods, services and labor. …Iraq is still operating under a closed economy they can not yet use their dinar outside of the country. When this last part of the sanctions are lifted they will be able to use dinar all over the world, trade dinar, pay in dinar and it will be listed on the global currency exchanges. This is what we wait for.

7-22-2017 Newshound Guru mike [ I can’t believe some didn’t see that Mosul was a big obstacle that had to be overcome…and that it was a “key” point.] I’m one of those guys who don’t think it was an obstacle. Obviously, having your second largest city occupied by terrorists isn’t ideal, but the terrorists are still in Iraq. Nothing will happen with the economy until they get off the socialist agenda and open up the economy, there are no shortcuts. The GOI, Keywords and anyone else can say whatever platitudes sound nice, they still need the freedom of movement of capital, get control of the growing spread between the market and street rates, deposit insurance, economic laws and the list goes on. None of these issues have been addressed and corrected yet. Mosul doesn’t address any of that. Pass the laws that enable foreign investment and things will change.

7-21-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraqi TV is broadcasting the governor of the CBI stating that victory regarding the economic reforms throughout all of Iraq will be in the next few days. (Woo Hoo!) He also reportedly stated that the IMF support would cease if this completion did not actually happen. (Woo Hoo again!) Citizens in specific areas can not confirm release of lower denoms, they are saying the supplementary budget must be passed. PM Abadi is projecting passing of the budget by the end of the month, however, Parliament is supposed to have it on the agenda tomorrow for consideration and disposition. It is anticipated that once the vote is passed, the lower denoms and a revalued rate should appear. (Woo Hoo a 3rd time!)

7-21-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 …the new currency will be an introduction to something more important…LIFTING THE 3 ZEROS…And I was oh so hoping to see a campaign on the intro to the new currency going into the 15th…They just can’t put it out on the street without education on security features and value…THE FLOAT THEORY WORKS ON THE NEW CURRENCY BUT ON 3 ZERO NOTES EVERY PENNY WIPES HUGE RESERVES FROM THE CBI…we need signs and an intro of the new currency first.

7-21-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 [Didn’t I read where the 000 notes would be accepted for 10 years?] IMO…to keep this idea that it will be in market for 10 years is irresponsible.. …if the 3 zero notes have a large value it will be for a very short time period…Anyone who wants to wait for 85 cents to a dinar grow to $3 and a 3 zero note become worth say 75k…Best of luck to you… [Also, haven’t they been removing 000 notes for a long time…a “Project” …thereby reducing the money supply gradually.] IMO…the money count in circulation is around 18 trillion…Thus why they are saying they can cover it 3 times with the 50 billion in reserves. [what are you saying no RV?] No, I am not saying no RV…MY stance and point remains the same…A some point they are going to introduce the new currency and lift the 3 zeros…the speculation remains on how the 3 zero notes will be treated at the exchange window…

7-21-2017 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “Iraqi Parliament: Law “National Oil” below the level of ambition” Looks like one helluva Trigger Article? Hydro Carbon and the Citizens get paid? Third reading is to Pass Go into the Gazzette and collect your 95% E-Dinar / 5% cash Dinar to the citizens or lower Denoms if you will, ATMs to start flashing green early or at least on time of the approximate two week time line suggested…If my thinking is on, they will activate the pay scale accordingly…on the 21st of July for disbursement on the 28th of July, that would have had to be calculated on the 21st, am I wrong? I don’t think so.

7-21-2017 Intel Guru Bruce …we do know Iraqi citizens’ have been issued new Qi cards and these cards are cards to be used to pay the profits in a profit sharing point of view from oil and natural gas from Iraq. Those cards have been issued and supposed to be activated by midnight tonight [Thursday]. My understanding is they should have available funds on them tomorrow [Friday]… We also believe they will be able to determine the actual rate of the dinar is compared to the dollar, and they should know that tomorrow [Friday] sometime. For that to occur, Iraq would need to have a new rate to use these cards internationally as Master Cards to be used all over the world. They are trading the rates up so when this is revealed to us, it is a very high rate for the currencies we are interested in. What we don’t know is the when. Let us hold fast to the promise it is coming to us and knowing behind the scenes things are happening. I am positive as I ever have been. The timing is right here.