Central Bank: The Iraq war is being subjected to international economic


BAGHDAD – Al Sabah  called on the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the security authorities to tackle the gangs that are forged Iraqi currency being a phenomenon that threatens the Iraqi economy is in danger. Saleh said: You know who you are rigging the Iraqi currency, you are gangs specialized fraud or there are points of an external government implementing the process within the Iraqi territory. He’s (news): In the event that foreign governments asking Currency Iraqi forged within the local markets this phenomenon hazardous to the Iraqi economy, because behind the work of intelligence, it is for the security forces in the country to take the role cautiously to pursue these outlaws. and between: that Iraq today is being subjected to war international economic order to destroy the local currency through forgery and published in the Iraqi market, despite thus possess Iraqi currency from the properties of security contain approximately (10) blades security, but fans of fraud today, “Atfnnon” forged currency and trying to pass some cases illegal concerning the study of economic, thanks to the presence of world-class technology in this aspect. He pointed out: that all international currencies today squashed the rigging as dollar, euro and not Iraq only the fact that there are global instruments developed specialized to detect security features, and blades in the currency. This has suffered some Iraqi traders and owners of banking offices of the existence of coins forged Iraqi in local markets, entered from Iran to Iraq, and began to spread more and more. For its part, complained on the Panthers in the province of Dhi Qar, the spread of fake currency a ten thousand dinars in its markets, demand local and federal government to take legal actions to curb this phenomenon.