Israeli fear of re-election of Obama?!!

Israeli fear of re-election of Obama?!!


Palm – newspaper “The Times” British, on Monday, Israel for fear of re-election of President Barack Obama.

The paper, that public opinion in Israel prefers not to attack Iran without the support or international support, especially from the United States of America, the newspaper said that if Israel wanted to attack Iran must be done before the month of November but the paper refers to opinion polls showing that about 66 percent of Israelis would prefer that the U.S. first strike.

Although Israel beholden, according to British newspaper, the U.S. president in recent electronic attacks on Iran, but it wants from Washington, more than that which can not be achieved only under a Republican administration led by the candidate Mitt Romney.

The Times pointed to recent statements of Mitt Romney been elected to the U.S. if Barack Obama, Vstemtlk Iran nuclear weapons, but if I won the election I will not be able Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Source: nakhelnews