Israel may use Iraqi airspace to attack

21/02/2012 11:09

Israel aircraft, F16Iran, Beirut, February 21 (AKnews) – The “New York Times,” the U.S. report quoted the words of the interviews conducted with U.S. military officials and analysts close to the Pentagon, reviewed the causes of difficult for Israel to attack Iran.  the paper quoted the U.S. for those saying he was ” If Israel decided to bomb Iran will have to pilots flying for a distance of a thousand miles in the air unfriendly, and refueling in the air, and the fight against Iranian air defenses, and attack multiple sites under the ground at the same time, the use of 100 aircraft, at least. ”  According to the report, “by Iraq is the most easily where there is no air defenses of Iraq, and that after the withdrawal of U.S. forces no longer the United States is obliged to defend Iraqi airspace. ” The report that “the problem lies in the distance which amounts to about two thousand miles, and this means that the aircraft will need to refueling in the air in addition to the distance which the aircraft that you need to dodge air defenses and the Iranian jets, making it difficult and complicate the fight against Israeli aircraft. ” and the report cites a retired general in the intelligence of the U.S. Air Force David 

Deptulla, who participated in the planning of air strikes the U.S. in Afghanistan and the war Second Gulf as saying that “attack on Iran would not be that easy.” 
the report added that “talking recently about the possibility to draw Israel strike on Iran Yazdadely despite the disapproval of the United States on that yet,” he said, adding “there is debate in Washington about the strike, where analysts question the ability of Israel’s military on the implementation of the strike in full, amid fears of forced Washington to complete the mission of Israel. ” In the same context, says Michael Hayden, former director, told U.S. intelligence, “CIA” between 2006 and 2009, according to report “The air strikes are capable of putting an end to Iran’s nuclear program beyond the capabilities of Israel, and returned in part to the long distances that need to be on Israeli aircraft that is going through.  He said another military official said the United States do not have a fully informed of the accounts of Israel’s military. the report said that “U.S. officials believe that it is difficult to penetrate the fortifications of Iran and the fear of the Iranian response targeting Israel, threatening war and wide in the Middle East.” from: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi