Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-5-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-5-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-5-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: “Confirms al-Tamimi: that the rise in the inflation index, even though it was slightly It affects low-income citizens, because Mdjulath not enough to buy the same goods or services that were bought before, and therefore the purchasing power decline, which means more poverty and rising poverty rates.” …by a significant change in the value of the dinar this will raise the purchasing power of the dinar and slowly force out the lower denominations on the streets as the necessity for them will be realized greater and greater as time goes on. The movement out of the “closed economy” will then become a necessity and the use of the IQD dinar globally will be in high demand, thus driving the rate yet even more upwards.

3-5-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana I mentioned in my weekly…update that I’m getting a bit giddy right now. There’s a good reason for it! We are at a tipping point, and this is going to either make us some money, or we’re going to be walking away soon. Either way, I think all of us will be happy. Either we make out like bandits or we just say “we enjoyed the ride”, right?! Based on what I’m hearing from my people, I am leaning toward the bright side of it.


3-4-2017 Newshound Guru loop Quote: Article quote: “The local market has seen a marked decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100.” marked decline by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100. That is all it is saying. Not that the exchange rate 5000 dinar to 100 dollars. This is right in line with the CBI’s statement made on Wednesday. [so what does that mean…?] It means that the CBI has put a system into place that allows them…control of the stability of the dinar in the market place. This systems removes the middlemen and gives them end to end transparency for all transactions. This is exactly what the IMF wants them to do. Very important move on their part.

3-4-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat …March is still within range of “Early 2017” and we have been told by the CBI that the project to delete the zeros will resume in EARLY 2017. It is a fact that part of this project is connected with bringing in a new rate to the Iraqi dinar. This is the tie in to the project.