Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-15-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-15-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions2-15-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO…the UST put a ban on the USD inside of Iraq. That’s why it’s TIME’S UP! The USD is not to be used anymore for interior transactions…they are to use eDinars. IMO…all agencies have their hands off…everything is in the hands of Abadi and the CBI. It’s now time for Iraq to bring out the new rate…and I believe the time is now. We have never been to this phase before. Congratulations Iraq. Another 45,000 troops…not for Mosul…but to protect Iraq…POST MOSUL. Figure that one out! First time…we’ve ever seen this progress is ONLY waiting for the indicative rate…which has been missing for over 40 days now. Yes, Mr. Trump gave a beautiful speech about currencies…and value for value. The IMF recently that the US will pump-up the world’s economy. For the IMF to say that to the world…that is currency evolution. There is no rate on the UN Operational Rates chart. Yes, and that’s because there is no rate on Iraq’s spreadsheet. There is nothing random here…everything well orchestrated. I am expecting something. IMO … we are very close. TIME IS UP…LET’S ROLL!

2-15-2017 Newshound Guru loop If they (IMF, WB, UN, UST) pushed them out of the nest, when they were not ready (as some have alluded to) their economy would go splat on the ground like Wylie Coyote. And there is no way they (the world ) want that to happen. Just look at their actions that they have taken to guide Iraq in getting this right.

2-15-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “Dong strengthens against US dollar in early 2017″ Nam is the child of China…China loves to devalue and take advantage of world trade…IF…China devalued as they threaten…do You think the Dong would Revalue? It would be dragged down…Just look at it’s currency value fluctuation in the last two years. Nam IMO…HAS to obey China in all things or they would be suffocated by their rule over them. USA would be helpless to only watch…Because war would be…Illogical when there are other markets more stable and secured…Sooooooooo…i and You need to pray China OBEYS President Trump to…PLAY FAIR! The Dong IMO is a good investment…Just don’t know the date nor rate…BUT hence why i suggest more than a year away.

2-15-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce We were looking for Steve Mnuchin to be sworn in as Secretary of the Treasury…He did get sworn in…and…I can’t verify this, only hearsay, that he needed to be in sworn in and be in that position for 24 hour before we went. If that is true then…Maybe we are at that point we can go forward. We heard today a tweet went out talking about leveraging the Dong. It ends up that if there was leverage it was at the bank’s end and not at our end. We haven’t been able to find good confirmation whether the Dong at teaser rates from 30 cents to 50 cents on the Dong was actually exchanged. It would be interesting if it is occurring…however… I can’t get it proven to me.

2-15-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce …we heard in Iraq…that they did get their smart cards charged up at the new rate. Beyond that, everything seems to be moving where we should be there. We are hearing the work taking place to remove ISIS is happening. There are a lot of Special forces from about 6 different countries that are combining to put a strong effort together to rid ourselves of that situation not only there in the Middle East, but around the world. So we are in the midst of a lot of activity now. Sounds to me like we are just getting ready for this to go down for us. We are in a great position for this to go through… Not going to call it. We thought we have it before tonight [Tuesday], but hearing good things, good info pointing to the next few days. I think we are that close guys, really good shape to come through for us. I just got confirmation on the John Q Public in the range of February 20th.

2-15-2017 *** Community News *** I’m saddened to report Newshound Guru Admin Bob passed away suddenly yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. He has been a fixture in the dinar world for a very long time and will truly be missed.

2-14-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Iraq NEEDS INTERNATIONAL ACCEPTANCE in the worst way – they don’t “self-determine” that…they have to garner such support. Who cares what you price your “product” (ie; currency) at – if no one will buy it? Saddam found that out the hard way…anyone recall what happened when the CBI went out and tried to peddle their first bond offering last year? WITHOUT INTERNATIONAL ACCEPTANCE? nothing…zip…crickets. why? they hadn’t quite met the mark just yet…and they were a little ahead of the game. Now – even this AM, we’ve got MP’s coming out saying there will be NO SECTARIANISM in Iraq ever again…they may not have it all figured out just yet – but they are getting feel of the song…and these vibes (from the world community) is what I said TO BANK ON… mainly because it’s the trend line I’m seeing in the News – period. No prediction needed. Iraq appears to have a few items to take care of yet… and they look like they are well on their way to giving the world community what they’ve been asked for.

2-14-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Egypt: Inflation rose nearly 30 percent in January” IMO, Egypt only has tourism… Iraq has wealth way beyond oil, gems, gold, etc. If timed correctly I do not see the dinar going anywhere but up. The dinar is so grossly undervalued, even if they do not have fluid investment coming in, I believe the dinar still will rise substantially.

2-14-2017 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat I find it very funny now how many…are only now jumping onboard the ship and coming to the reality that perhaps it is the final liberalization and the enactment of the reconciliation law effort waiting for the RV. This will give Iraq the STABILITY and SECURITY it needs to allow the CBI to implement the next phase of the currency reform that of the project to delete the zeros. But hold on everyone! …there is still the problem with the Iranian influence. This issue has been the major reason Iraq is in this war with ISIS in the first place. This is the reason why it is so hard to have peace and security in Iraq. So when Abadi officially announces the “full” liberation of Iraq there will still be this lingering issue. So it is not over till it’s over. So today we hear news that the newly elected Trump is cracking down on Iran and telling them to get out of Iraq. Again he is flexing the muscles of the USA military. He is walking tall and carrying a big stick! My personal feeling is that – ITS ABOUT TIME!

2-14-2017 Newshound Guru loop Article quotes: “Business in various countries around the world accomplish depends on the performance level of the institutions involved and the speed of service provided to the citizen and the company and of course here can be measured by the extent of the development of any country the world.” “the size of a large work is almost not available in all countries of the world” THIS IS WHAT IS ATTRACTING SO MANY COUNTRIES. Quote: “to be the basis of national duty starting a new phase reaches us safely economic” IT IS THE DUTY OF THE GOI TO ENSURE THE IRAQ TRANSITIONS INTO THE NEXT ECONOMIC PHASE SAFELY. WHAT IS THAT PHASE? IMO… JOINING THE WORLD MARKETS.

2-14-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Egypt: Inflation rose nearly 30 percent in January” Quote: “The floatation was part of a package of reforms introduced to secure an IMF loan of $12 billion to overhaul the economy.” I do expect Iraq to follow suit once ISIL is gone from Iraq. The result will be different of course because Iraq has so much more to offer than Egypt. The key here is the float is part of the IMF reform program.