Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-28-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-28-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions12-28-2016 Newshound Guru Breitling There is good news and it’s phenomenal. This is a mystery to me…something I have not been able to figure out. I don’t know when/if they start adding value to their currency at what point will they get rid of the auctions? It doesn’t matter for us…it really doesn’t. In the context this is not something you need to look out for because if they get rid of the auctions today then something is coming down the road. But if they start revaluing, start adding more and more value to the currency and the auctions don’t disappear…that’s just a way to manipulate the currency even more…

12-28-2016 RUMOR Guru Bruce We did miss it for Christmas. I expected to exchange today [Tuesday]. I am feeling very good what I have heard the last few days. We are in a great place. Just hang in there a little bit longer. We would all like to celebrate New Years completely hydrated financially. With any success that would be our case. Things are popping behind the scenes, but they want to keep it quiet… for a reason. We heard Iraq is in a situation where they have one more thing to do…As of 4:15am today [Tuesday], they still needed to pay restitution and past debts that were owed to Kuwait. That was the one last thing besides showing an updated revalued rate they needed to do. That began this morning at 4:15am. My understanding is that was to be complete in 12 to 14 hours. The timing for this is now very close because Iraq took care of the last thing they needed to do to be released from chapter VII from the UN. That very last portion to show their rate internationally may have been done.

12-28-2016 RUMOR Guru Bruce What else we know is 31st of December is New Years Eve, and it is the day the UN Operational rates suppose to show effectively. Will they change on the 29th which be Thursday or not show the change until the 31st? We don’t know that. On the 31st, the Vietnamese Dong and Iraqi Dinar, their rates are supposed to change and reflect that change. …we should get a heads up pretty soon. We thought we would go last night. …hopefully we are there now and ready. Intel is looking very strong. Not giving dates, but looking good for the end of the year. Set your goal for 2017. You should be excited right now for what we are about to embark on.

12-28-2016 Newshound Guru Islandg1211 Although the GOI is on vacation until Jan. 10th, and the liberation of Mosul has stalled a bit, and it’s the holidays, some great headlines and news articles are coming out of Iraq… Articles & Headlines: “Abadi stated today that he will finally submit resumes for his vacant Ministers spots” “UN stated today that Iraq was let out of almost all of the Chapter VII sanctions.” “World Bank approved their loan to Iraq and stated that “Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world and shouldn’t have any problem repaying their debts.” Article today talked about the need to have a law ending the currency auctions. Article yesterday talked about finally passing the HCL law, along with other needed laws in the next GOI session… Another article featured the headline, “Iraq looks to Trump to complete the SBA.” Yea! The article talked about the Marshall plan and the meetings with the new Trump folks to move Iraq into the next phase, from war to reconstruction.

12-27-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 Many of you were looking for the oil prices to go up, especially around Monday for it to be in the 60+ range. It’s not …is it? We told you it would be the fuel and the catalyst for the budget…to possibly release a rate before the 31st. It didn’t…did it? None of these things happened. Yet, ironically enough, an amazing amount of things DID happen. Iraq is going through a monetary reform of its currency. It is not visible…you are not allowed to see its steps. Iraq has been telling us for about a year…the “MOOKLA” (beginning of the year)…that we would see some amazing changes/movement of their currency.

12-27-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 IT IS NOT AN EVENT! DO NOT LOOK FOR A DATE! It is a progress of a progression that is leading you into the revaluation of their currency and they are doing in my opinion, an amazing, brilliant job! We told you that on December the 31st, we hoped that Iraq will show us their budget…and that we might see a rate before that. I believe that they will around the 31st. THAT IS MY OPINION. The IMF / United Nations / CBI / Abadi…in my opinion…are doing some amazing things. IT IS HAPPENING…IT’S COMING. If I knew the date, I’d…give it to you. I don’t know the date.

12-27-2016 Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: “that Iraq has fulfilled its commitment before the final decision regarding his release from under Chapter VII, as it was left only has complete compensation with neighboring Kuwait file.” …they are telling us the only commitment that was remaining is to pay Kuwait for war reparations. We know they agreed to do this once the revalue their currency as they would pay them with increased value of their currency once the rate increase. So whats going on here…hint…hint…hint…

12-27-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article: “Ministries offered a proposal to convert the salaries of its 3 employees to the electronic system” Quote: “A source in the banking sector, on Tuesday, that the three ministries have submitted applications to the Central Bank of Iraq to transfer their employees’ salaries to the .electronic system…” 3 MINISTRIES (EDUCATION… JUSTICE… TRANSPORT) SALARIES BEING DISTRIBUTRD ELECTRONICALLY… THROUGH 7 BANKS…WOW!…CAN YOU SAY LIQUIDITY RELIEF…

12-27-2016 Newshound Guru Breitling …Bank of America has a seat on the auction floor and all these banks were buying dinar from Bank of America. And some of these banks I know where they’re actually storing it. So how is it they get to invest in it? How is it a good idea for them but not a good idea for us? Does that make sense to you? No. So don’t listen to the naysayers sitting behind a desk somewhere who don’t know anything about currency… All in itself, the ability to buy currency from Citibank is not a big deal. Remember I bought all my dinar from Chase Bank. So they just decided to sell it again. That’s all it is…nothing more. The information you need to stay focused on came out of Iraq from the CBI, from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning on what they want to do with their banks so they can get to the next level…that’s very very good news and i hope you’re happy.