Parliamentary Finance: The Central Bank is making good steps

Parliamentary Finance: The Central Bank is making good steps

Integrity of electronic / Baghdad

Described the Finance Committee, the parliamentary: Central Bank that he has started to make good steps to restore the value of Iraqi dinar and to maintain its price in front of hard currency through the grant authority to sell hard currency for a number of commercial banks in addition to that action will be taken to open letters of credit instead of foreign exchange of currencies.

He said committee member Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri: that the way the opening credits would force traders to open the adoption of their own by commercial banks, whether governmental or private, and puts the insurance, so it is when want to import goods from outside the open adoption rather than the money transfer to ensure the receipt of goods into the country and international standards and to avoid out of funds without the import of the country .

She said the Committee: that the purpose of taking such actions by the central bank to maintain the value of Iraqi dinar, because the reduction of the central sale of hard currency will lead to increase in value with a lower exchange rate of the dinar. The central bank has announced the start of opening letters of credit instead of foreign transfers of funds difficult for Iraqi banks two branches of public and private 

Source: alestiqama