NSA Has Clinton’s Deleted Emails, Whistleblower Claims

NSA Has Clinton’s Deleted Emails, Whistleblower Claims

Published August 2, 2016

NSA Has Clintons Deleted Emails Whistleblower ClaimsFOX NEWS

The National Security Agency has Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, and the FBI could access them if it wanted to, a former NSA official claimed in a radio interview.

William Binney, an architect of the NSA’s surveillance program who became a whistleblower when he resigned from the agency in 2001, made the claim on Aaron Klein’s Investigative Radio Sunday. Klein also reported on Binney’s comments for Breitbart.com.

Binney pointed to 2011 testimony by then-FBI Director Robert Mueller before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which Mueller said the agency has access to “sophisticated, searchable databases” to track down terrorists.

According to Binney, Mueller testified that “he got together with the Department of Defense, and they created a technology database where he … could go in with one query and get all past emails and all future emails as they came in on a person.”