Central Bank: Iraq gets more foreign currency than sell

Thursday 31 May 2012

BAGHDAD – and babysit –The Central Bank of Iraq, “that Iraq gets more foreign currency than sell them,” adding that “the Iraqi dinar is going to improve.” The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed in a press statement that “the central bank gets more foreign currency than sell as the cash reserve at the central bank is estimated between 62 to $ 63 billion, the highest in the history of Iraq, monetary and financial.”

He stressed that “the head of the Iraqi dinar to improve, not only for this step but that the improvement will include the strength of the Iraqi economy,” adding that “Iraq today has large reserves in the Central Bank and the government and that the amount paid to the formation of enormous financial power.”

Saleh continued, “that the Central Bank is looking forward in the coming years, or in the coming months to have the 1000 Iraqi dinars equals one dollar and there are also directed to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in proportion to its strength.”

The Central Bank of Iraq announced (21 May 2012) directly from the Rafidain and Rasheed citizens to sell the dollar price of 1189 dinars per dollar, pointing out that the move was intended to benefit the Iraqi citizens directly from the exchange away from the monopoly exercised by the other. “

Source: alrayy