Division within the Iraqi and Kurdistan on the withdrawal of confidence from Maliki

29/05/2012 0:00 

Talabani stresses his efforts to avoid a crisis .. Erbil and add a mini meeting .. And Hakim shows the orientations of the national 
BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tai 
in a time when President Jalal Talabani said he would continue his efforts to raise the political parties at the table of the constructive dialogue, leading figure in the Kurdistan Alliance, the “morning” about the differences and divisions within the blocs of Iraqi Kurdistan on the claim to withdraw confidence from the Government Fimaakd in Arbil yesterday a meeting of some political parties to discuss the developments of the crisis. 
reviewed Talabani, during a telephone conversation yesterday evening with the religious authority, Muhammad Taqi school the current situation in the country and his efforts to bring the views and to avoid the crisis and clear the air. 
The president of the Republic, according to a presidential statement received “morning,” a copy of it, he “will continue his efforts to raise the political parties at the table of the constructive dialogue and reach a national agreement in the framework of constitutional principles and previous agreements and securities proposed to resolve the differences.” 
In the meantime, the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman told the “morning “: that” the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister and in accordance to the Constitution at the present time is not possible and it takes a long time and can generate a lot of problems and damage to state institutions and the Iraqi economy and services, calling on the blocks to work hard to find a way out of crisis and speed up convening of the national meeting. 
According to the constitution , the withdrawal of confidence requires a vote of the absolute majority (ie, 163 deputies and more). 
Othman continued: “The blocks that lie to withdraw confidence from the Prime Ministers divided over this matter,” he said, “Not all of the Kurdistan Alliance insists on the withdrawal of the confidence of Maliki, not all the Iraqi List, was determined to change the Prime Minister. ” 
He said, “There is violation within the components in this regard.” 
either on the position of the National Alliance has Othman said that “the national song of its resolutions and stressed his commitment to Maliki, and the meeting which was held recently held a thorough discussion of 8 points are included In a meeting of Najaf except the point of 9 on the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki. ” 
as Othman said that “al-Hakim will visit Kurdistan region to clarify and identify and discuss the answer to the National Alliance,” adding that “Mr. Hakim will transfer response of the National Alliance and its position to the other blocs to participate at the meeting of Arbil, “calling for political blocs to speed up the find a way out of the crisis and sit down and dialogue and find participants and respond to the invitation of the President of the Republic and his initiative.” 
in turn, revealed the National Alliance MP Mohammed Chihod “morning” for signs of easing recently, the political crisis afflicting the country. 
MP for a coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, described the option of withdrawing confidence from the government as “the option of quickly evaporating.” 
Bayati said “morning”: that “there is a movement politically .. We are optimistic to reach a political solution to the crisis soon. ” 
Source: alsabaah