Obeidi calling for passing the “oil and gas” to ensure that no overtaking on Baghdad share

Obeidi calling for passing the “oil and gas” to ensure that no overtaking on Baghdad share or region

Monday 18 January 2016 | 18:50 | Number of Views: 76

Iraqi oilBAGHDAD / .. called MP from the coalition forces beautiful Obeidi, Monday, to pass the oil and gas law to clarify the lines between the oil province of Kurdistan and the wells of the federal government, as demanded clarification of agreements between the province and the center, which are the basis on which such oil extraction and distribution process.

He said al-Obeidi’s “Eye Iraq News,” that “meant the state governed by law that defines what the oil situation between Baghdad and the region through the Constitution, otherwise what right acquires his government on Kirkuk’s oil,” noting that “the agreements between the two governments (center and the region) kept secret and far from transparent, especially in light of the continued non-payment of the region’s share of the budget, and in return the possession belonging to the center of the province of oil, which is Kirkuk. ”

And it showed al-Obeidi said “the only solution to solve the Kirkuk oil crisis, and singling out the region Bnaftha, is to vote on the oil and gas law to determine the features of Iraq’s oil situation,” in addition to “disclosure nature of relations and agreements between the heads of political blocs and the government of Kurdistan.”

The deputy in the parliamentary finance committee had demanded, on Monday, recovering Kirkuk oil funds from the Government of Barzani, as a subsidiary of the central government, the province, or calculating allocations within its share of Kurdistan of the budget, amounting to 17%, as from the sale of the province .anthy oil 8