Newspapers: Iraq is in danger

Monday, May 28, 2012 11:42

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Iraqi newspapers today covered in subjects warns President Jalal Talabani of the escalation of political crisis.

The newspaper published the constitution an article entitled (questions need to be answered) by the name Sheikh said: “Both sides of the stands against the withdrawal of confidence from Mr. Nuri al-Maliki is demanding sharply in the enforcement, possess the motives and the reasons are what makes their position of acceptability for each of them, Vmsogathma from the point of consider both based on the data can not be refuted. “

He added, that takes away behind the advocacy of one of them does not work to explain it, is the absence of answers to important questions concerning the clarification of the whole picture without a frame and placed inside of the blurring that often obscure the vision is blurred and many of the facts

Asked by: Malmqsod calling for the withdrawal of the confidence of Maliki? Is it replaced by another candidate personally, and keep his team? Or withdrawal of confidence from him and his ministerial team as a prelude to initiate the formation of new government cabinet may want to dream in which naming any of the current ministers again? If adopted the second option, is to withdraw the entire political process, considering that the current government is the product of a single package produced three presidencies If I broke one of the rings today as the rest of them? Or is it that the withdrawal of confidence from the government will not necessarily lead to the cancellation of the agreement and the resumption of full production of a new consensus, changing the faces and names together?

He continued: Does al-Maliki is replaced by the rules and work without the withdrawal of confidence about him, and the President of the Republic commissioned a new candidate of the biggest bloc? What are the constitutionality of this procedure? But the most important question will be will enter the political movement after the ratification of the replacement cycle of negotiations similar to those we have seen such an agreement Arbil? Is it meant ousting the current President of the Government in recognition of service performance failure or refusal to implement political agreements? Or is the topic Gelle regard to the unacceptability of Maliki’s partners before others?.

For its part, published a newspaper, the East an article entitled (you failed to project confidence) by Sabah al-Lami said: “Despite the heated political climate, almost (exercises) for derail the project (no confidence) for the Maliki government closer to success. But no one knows whether fluctuated things Conversely, during the next 24 hours, which was said to witness a meeting in Erbil, or Najaf, or elsewhere, in order to reach a final decision about the decision of the National Alliance in a meeting yesterday.

He added: “Iraq, welcomed the announcement of the statements concerning the way that dealt with the Alliance his view of the points contained in the papers meeting Irbil Five, and the meeting of Najaf later. It is strange that the statements of officials of the alliance did not refer only to the meeting of Erbil, and the promise of the application of its agreement, and resolve all matters at issue National promised at the meeting. and the Kurdistan Alliance For his part, counting this (position uncertain), according to the opinion which revealed Atrushi, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance.

And between: the outcome of the resulting social Erbil, Najaf, add them all what he said and he said the National Alliance, or a coalition of law, then the absence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for meeting the coalition forces at the home of its president, Dr. Ibrahim, al-Jaafari, and later meeting Messrs. Sadr and Hakim in Najaf , and stated by a large number of parliamentarians of law and Iraqi forces yesterday on Nujaifi or on al-Maliki, in the battle of bickering new, I say of the whole of this outcome, etc. (details are of course in the pages of the East news and analytical), we can say that project down the Maliki government by withdrawing confidence in his government, has failed or is just around the corner from failure!

He said: This does not mean the defeat of the other blocks before the law, it is first said its leaders that the process is not easy, and it needs to more than 200 votes in parliament, but Maliki will not accept it (even if they broke down the political process) as described by a number of parliamentarians, because ( something big will come after this battle, hot), and this may be achieved satisfactorily for all parties because it will actually alter the course of the political process.

He continued that the alternative, it is not nominated a new prime minister, or form a new government, but the application of the eight points included in the project President of the Republic, which (do not harass the position of al-Maliki), and calls for dialogue in the end to the national meeting on the table .. That is more likely to accept, Valcardstana close to this view, if it changed its view of Iraq towards him, and not difficult to agree on the Sadrist movement, so he is – despite everything – one of the elements of the forces of the National Alliance. I say in Iraqi politics shipped, and alarming security risks always, is not important (success) or (failure) but the important thing is (safely out of the experiment) and without conversion to the floor (shot)!

The morning newspaper also published an article titled (Last Call) by Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar carp which he said, “When The President of the Republic, the Republic of any president and any appeal like the one launched by President Jalal Talabani, this means that the republic is in danger.

Vatalibana say that our country is “facing the problematic and complex and thorny Astasaouat threatened to paralyze the economy and the disruption of facilities and state institutions and impede the delivery of services.” It even warns that failure to address the current situation “could lead to growing tensions and exacerbate existing problems and risks.”

Not joke about it, the political process is in danger, and therefore the country is in danger as well.

He added that what has reached the political process as no surprise to those people since the beginning disadvantages of incorporation and the mistakes of the practice that took place since the formation of the Governing Council dissolved on the basis of factional and sectarian and ethnic lines, and then building the authority or the government or the state on the same foundations of the fragile and destructive that form under which the Governing Council .

He said: Today, with louder calls for dialogue and encounter, it is necessary to recall that he has no value to these dialogues, meetings and conferences unless they leave the Chamber that produced these problems, and the abandonment of the foundations and approaches, which form the core of the problem and the essence, and the starting of a new cycle centered on scientific methodology in the building modern civil state and civilization, and the abandonment of factional and party accounts, regional, and sectarian attitudes in the report and identify trends.

He continued: You need the Iraqi political class detent crisis things and circle in the orbit of problems that arise on itself, and remove the old coats. Will not happen unless it’s political class to return sovereignty to its owner, a people, and to desist from the practice of the role of guardianship, and return to the institutions of representative constitutional, particularly the Parliament, have the final say in the report of the path of the state, or delivery that parliament present incapable of solution,

Perhaps it needs to be a cry from the bold and rational person, so do not be a message Talabani, serves as the final call!! / Ante / 45