Parliamentary Integrity check b «violations» in the Central Bank and the latter denies

27/05/2012 0:00 

BAGHDAD – The morning 
revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee for Tachireha for “breaches” in the mechanism of sale of hard currency through the inventory with a limited number of banks, in response the central bank and confirmed that those banks are permitted officially and control of government. Deputy Chairman of the Committee Ahmad Jubouri’s (Center news Media Network Iraq) that “there is verification of certain matters in the Central Bank and the Commission will host soon province to tell us in detail what is going on in the sale of hard currency.” He Jubouri “We visited the central bank and asked them some information and Chksna some of the negatives and we observed through the samples taken that there banks specific you are buying the currency a day did not make sure the fate of those funds that are sold to them. ” 
and Jubouri “There is information on the go that money to destinations may be external and these things have not been able so far from verified, but very soon we will verify.” 
stated Central Bank of Iraq what Acherth Finance Committee parliamentary and confirmed the safety of his dealings on the sale of hard currency. 
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (Center news for the Iraqi Media Network) that “the banks that are discussed are the banks are permitted and the Department of laundering money in the bank that provide for audit of all transactions. “He added” We can not accuse anyone without that we have evidence, and if they have any file corruption for anyone in the Central Bank Vliqdmoh to justice. “and saw the Iraqi dinar exchange rate fluctuation during the last stage he attributed the central bank to procedures taken to prevent smuggling currency out of the country, in what bankers and managers of companies to banking, the Bank set impossible conditions for participation Bmzadeh. 
attributed the central bank increased the demand for hard currency to the economic conditions of the “hard” suffered by Iran and Syria after the imposition of UN economic sanctions on them. 
The main task of the Central Bank Iraqi in maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and the management of foreign currency reserves and the organization of the banking sector.