300 of terrorist Daash trapped the center of Ramadi

300 of terrorist Daash trapped the center of Ramadi

11/12/2015 15:43 GMT

300 of terrorist Daash trapped the center of RamadiFollow-up – and babysit – confirmed a report of the Associated Press of America said that 300 terrorists from Daash trapped in downtown Ramadi by the Iraqi army and popular crowd after terrorists destroyed the bridges to prevent the progress of the Iraqi forces to the city center which led to the besieged for themselves within the gray without the port of exit.
He said the IAEA report, quoting Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi Anbar operations commander as saying that “terrorist gangs Daash have been destroyed another bridge linking the city of Ramadi center to the north-west to stop the progress of the Iraqi forces, leaving 300 trapped terrorist center of the city.”

For his part, he said coalition spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said that “the destruction of the bridge proves that Daash has committed a tactical error and that they are doing this work may cut themselves from the others, and so the terrorists left the north side of the Euphrates River so that they can not be reversed in light of the terrorists south of the river without reinforcements” .

He added that “Iraqi forces Bmkaspha block it stuck to a number of counter-attacks of the terrorist gangs as a result of air support provided to them.”